Nilah the Joy Unbound revealed as the 161 champion in League of Legends

Nilah, the Joy Unbound is coming. Images via Riot Games


Riot Games has unveiled champion number 161 for their massively popular MOBA title League of Legends, Nilah the Joy Unbound.


In a champion trailer released across the game's social media platforms, Nilah, who appears to have a unique relationship with water, is seen being able to dash around the battlefield, blocking projectiles while slashing foes with an aquatic whip.


According to the game's developer, Nilah's backstory has a bit of demonic energy behind her cheery exterior:


"An epic-seeker and woman of unflinching, bombastic glee, Nilah is a warrior ascetic pledged to a legendary order, known for repurposing the power of the ancient demon of joy to right wrongs and slay great evils. She practices a strict code of rite and ritual that connects her to this demon, its power appearing as shimmering, incandescent water from the spiritual lake that serves as its prison."


While the specifics of her abilities were not made public as of the time of publication, brief gameplay footage from the champion trailer gives us a few clues as to her role on the battlefield.



In one highlighted duel, Nilah is able to deflect Twisted Fate's Gold Card by forming a water barrier around her before dashing to him (and to teammates as well in another clip) and whittling him down with her whip, all while prancing.


Nilah's release date was not made public but it shouldn't be long before players can get their hands on this slippery assassin.

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