The on-site fan meets finally return to the LCK after 2.5 years; teams provide own guidelines to fan meets

For the past two and a half years, the on-site fan meets, something that can be considered a long-standing tradition in the LCK, have all shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On June 15, Riot Korea announced the return of the on-site fan meets after five long splits.


Through their official social media channels, Riot Korea announced the return of the fan meets. They will take place at the ‘Fan Meet Zone’ near gate E of LoL Park, where the teams will decide whether or not to have the fan meet after their matches. If both the winning and the losing team hopes to use the space for their fan meets, the losing team will go first. Each team will have 30 minutes to host each of their fan meets.


In response to the return, teams have provided their guidelines to how they’ll host their fan meets. The common trait among the teams’ announcements was that there will only be a fan meet when the team wins.


T1 announced that one hour before their matches, they’ll give out bracelets to the first 200 people who enter, and will hold a raffle in which order the fans enter the fan meet. After entering the fan zone, you simply have to line up in front of the player that you want. Gen.G’s General Manager Lee Ji-hoon provided their guidelines, where he said they’ll only host a fan meet if they play and win a 5pm match. However, depending on the team’s schedule, they’re flexible in fitting fan meets after an 8pm match as well.


As for DWG KIA, one fan will go to every player to get their signatures, and it’s first come first serve. As for when they lose, the team will simply do a group greeting to the fans. Kwangdong Freecs announced five dates of their fan meet in round 1: June 5, 17, 26, July 2, and 8. There will be a limit of 15 tickets per player, which is also first come first serve.


Fredit BRION fans can pick up the fan meet tickets from their booth, limited to 50 tickets, first come first serve. As for kt Rolster, they’ll provide raffle tickets to the fans, where they’ll announce 25 winners to the fan meet tickets via their official social media channels. The winners will have a chance to meet and greet with every single one of the players. However, if the last game of the day ends after 11pm, there will only be a short group greeting.


Nongshim RedForce announced that fans will have to apply at the RedForce Zone, and that each player will meet with 20 fans per meet. Hanwha Life Esports announced that they’ll give out fan meet tickets at the ‘HLE Burst Zone’ before their matches. Each ticket will have a number and the name of the player on it.


There are two teams that have yet to make an announcement on fan meets, and that’s DRX and Liiv SANDBOX. DRX canceled their fan meet on the 15th & 18th due to various DRX members catching COVID. Upon contacting DRX, they’ve stated, “We’ll probably be able to provide updates by next week”. Liiv SANDBOX commented, “We’ll make announcements on our first match of the split through our social media, which is on the 17th”.

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