The sad story behind Void and the complex Kirby lore

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Kirby seems like a simplistic series at first. He is round and pink. He is baby. He loves food. Food stolen. Kirby mad. But Kirby is actually a very complex character with some of the most confusing and deep lore in Nintendo history. 


When it comes to lore, one villain often stands out to Kirby fans: Void. This boss, who seems to have a face similar to Kirby, first appears in Kirby Star Allies. This is seen as a pretty simple and easy game but the story behind this final boss is anything but wholesome. It's actually left many Kirby fans depressed. 


King Dedede and Meta Knight are often seen as the big baddies in Kirby's universe. But these characters are actually semi-allied with Kirby. The real villains revolve around the concept of dark matter. These bad guys all have giant eyeballs and seem to have psychic powers beyond comprehension. 


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So how does Kirby have the ability to take on these intergalatic, all-powerful space beings? Well, he's a god. Kirby is a very strong character, possibly one of the strongest in all of video gaming. He is fast, physically strong, and has "infinite power." But how did he come to have all of this power? 


The creator of the universe is a god called Void who is known as the source of all life. Void takes positive or negative energy and reincarnates into physical forms based on the type of energy. After coming across an immense amount of negative energy, Void reincarnated into a world-destroying being known as Void Termina. 


Thousands of years later, Void Termina escaped from a Jamba Heart and started destroying worlds as an act of revenge for the Ancients. But Kirby was there to purge him of all negative energy, causing Void Termina to be reborn as a new Kirby-like entity. 



From here, things get a bit confusing. Well, more confusing. Is Kirby related to Void Termina? Is Void a Kirby? Is Kirby a Void? What? So far, there are only theories. 


The true origin of Kirby and his powers is unknown. It's believed that he was possibly created by Void when the god came across a mass of positive energy. This would explain how Kirby can copy different abilities and transform himself. Void Termina's cry of defeat also sounds very similar to Kirby, but deeper and slower. And his true form looks like Kirby. 


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This correlation was made even more confusing in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Kirby is connected to the Forgotten Land itself, as implied when Kirby enters the Lab Discovera and the tour guide states "automatic language detection." 


One fan theory states that Galacta, Meta, Morpho, and Kirby are all the same species — and maybe engineered by humans, since Forgotten Land seems like an abandoned earth-like location. Maybe humans left earth for Dreamland and then released the four beings to fight Void. But this still doesn't explain how Kirby and Void are related. It appears that when Galacta defeated Void, he reincarnated into Kirby. 


Despite some confusing lore that has yet to be fully revealed by Kirby developers, most Kirby fans are in agreement that the story of Void is a sad one. Void travels alone throughout the universe, not exposed to any friends, food, or anything else. He is completely alone. When Void doesn't come across positive energy, he reincarnates into something evil. This means Void Termina is essentially what happens when Kirby doesn't have friends, love, or happiness. 


This realization has left many Kirby fans upset. 


One fan on Facebook said: "When I first discovered that Void Termina and Kirby are the same thing, my mind blew up." 


Another said: "Out of all the Kirby bosses, the one I feel bad for is Void Termina/Void. It's a Kirby without friends and beautiful spring breezes, unlike the Kirby we know and love. When the orchestra of Green Greens kicked in, I thought about it and then my face went to complete shock and horror... We were fighting a Kirby that was all alone and has turned evil." 


A reply: "This Void being has had no exposure to life, to everything that makes life worth living. What purpose in life does it have other than to, I'm guessing, consume?" 


While Kirby is infinitely powerful and able to slay gods with his strength and speed, it seems that his true power really is that of friendship. Void allows us to see what Kirby would become if he didn't have the food and love he had on Popstar. It has left many fans upset to think of Void wandering the universe alone and some wonder what would have happened to Void if he had just had a friend. 

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