Just how strong is Kirby really?

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You have probably heard the Kirby fandom's two jokes: 

  • Kirby is baby
  • Kirby is the strongest being in the universe


You probably thought, "Wow, that's not funny. I hate this wholesome group of weirdos so much." But that's because it ISN'T a joke. Kirby is actually, according to lore, a baby. He is also the strongest being in the universe. 


Kirby is the fastest, strongest, and most indestructible being to ever exist across almost every nerd universe ever. Even in his mini-games, Kirby showcases incredible strength without a blink of an eye. With a smile and a soft "poyo" Kirby cracks an entire planet in half with a punch in Kirby Superstar. In Kirby Star Allies, Kirby can hit a meteor through planets with a baseball bat, launching it 9,999 lightyears away — and that's just because it was stopped at that point. 


And keep in mind, Kirby did these for FUN and while he was a BABY. 



Kirby is a menace that must be stopped. But nobody can stop him. 


Kirby has "infinite power." That's thanks to his endless abilities. Kirby can easily breeze past the speed of light, especially with his Warped Star. He can travel between planets in mere seconds, making him faster than light speed. But with his Warped Star, he can keep up with Magolor and Dark Mind, who can both travel across multiple universal dimensions in seconds. 


This speed also translates into battle. Kirby can instantly react to any incoming attack off of instinct, like a sweaty Melee player who refuses to stop playing the same character for 20 years. Kirby can even fight in his sleep — and still win. 


Kirby has also survived just about every level of destruction, including exploding planets and avoiding the pull of an incoming black hole. Kirby even survived when Drawcia erased everything from existence. And if Kirby is finally harmed, he can just come back again with another life. 



Then there is Kirby's ability to inhale infinitely. When he has a Super Inhale, Kirby can basically inhale almost anything. While in Hyper Nova, introduced in Kirby Triple Deluxe, he can essentially become a black hole. 


And this hasn't even mentioned Kirby's ability to take on other things' abilities when absorbed. This means Kirby can basically learn any power in an instant. On top of being indestructible, faster than lightning, and all-powerful, Kirby can add almost any ability to his arsenal. This includes hammers, fire, ice, swords, and more. He has even become Dedede and other powerful enemies he has defeated. 


It's all about drive, it's all about power


Kirby has defeated all of the strongest villains to ever exist in all of video game, anime, and movie lore. Here are just a few of the strongest enemies that Kirby casually KO'd: 


  • Galacta Knight — has destroyed a few planets
  • Star Dream Soul — can travel to different dimensions in seconds, destroying solar systems
  • Marx — first villain to be resurrected as a Soul Boss, reborn into pure darkness
  • Shadow Kirby — Kirby but dark
  • Magolor — with his crown he can destroy the universe (death destroyed a dimension)
  • Void Termina — origin of all chaos, said to be a corrupt Kirby born out of evil energy


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Can Kirby beat Superman?


Can Kirby beat Chuck Norris? 


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Can Kirby beat an anime or comic book character I like?

Yes. Just because you like the character or because they are popular does not mean they can defeat Kirby. Kirby is Sakurai's firstborn son and cannot be defeated by anyone. He not only has all of the infinite power listed above but plot armor. Just accept that Kirby can pummel all of your favorite characters into the ground just for fun. 

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