Ranking the top 5 bot laners competing in the 2022 LCS Summer Split


With hyper carries like Jinx and Zeri running rampant on the meta throughout the LCS 2022 Spring Split, there was nowhere to hide if you were an AD carry. Last split put a number of bot laners to the test where five, in particular, stood out amongst the rest of the field.


Here are Inven Global's rankings of the best bot laners for the LCS 2022 Summer Split.


5. Fatih “Luger” Güven — Counter Logic Gaming

It feels weird putting a player who finished 8th in the LCS 2022 Spring Split as a top-five AD carry, but Counter Logic Gaming’s rookie AD carry deserves the nod. 


Counter Logic Gaming finished the LCS 2022 Spring Split regular season with a 6-12 record and were in the playoff hunt until the final week because of outstanding performances from Luger. Able to maintain an even CS differential throughout the entire split, the Turkish AD carry was an excellent piece for Counter Logic Gaming in the late game. Luger’s 578 damage per minute and 30.1 average team damage share ranked third among all AD carries, according to gol.gg.


Overall, Luger was a primary focal point for Counter Logic Gaming for their split as he looks to repeat that performance in Summer.

4. Kim “Berserker” Min-Cheol — Cloud9

The Cloud9 rookie showed throughout the LCS 2022 Spring Split that he is the real deal after a strong campaign in Spring. Throughout the entire Spring regular season, Berserker only died 25 times, the second least of any LCS player with 15 or more games in Spring. What stops Berserker from being any higher on this list is that his strengths as a safe and reliable AD carry stop him from making any major tide-shifting plays.


Berserker’s 62 kills were the second least for an AD carry with more than 15 games. This is also reflected in his 512 average damage per minute, sixth amongst all AD carries. Nonetheless, Berserker is a safe and reliable AD carry that will deal damage in late-game team fights without very many deaths.

3. Victor “FBI” Huang — 100 Thieves

100 Thieves’ AD carry FBI has been a staple atop the LCS ever since his breakout season with Golden Guardians in 2020. Now, he finds himself at the top of the table in the LCS once again, this time as the third-best AD carry heading into Summer.


Throughout Spring, FBI was a consistent source of damage for 100 Thieves even during losses. Furthermore, his 591 damage per minute led all AD carries in this category, according to Oracle’s Elixir. All of that was done while averaging only 24.3 percent of his team’s gold. A solid laner with exceptional team fight prowess in the late game, FBI is one of the LCS’ top performers in his role.


2. Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki — Evil Geniuses

Playoff heroics aside, Danny had himself a wonderful sophomore campaign throughout the LCS 2022 Spring Split Regular Season. Throughout both the regular season and the LCS Lock In tournament, Danny’s usually weak laning phases were noticeably improved.


Compared to his -9.9 CS differential at 10 minutes throughout the LCS 2021 Summer Split, his 5 CS differential at 15 minutes was a marked improvement. Pair that with his already amazing late-game team fighting and otherworldly performance throughout the playoffs and you have an AD carry that can potentially dominate the LCS for years to come.


Now, with a championship under his belt, Danny will look to lead Evil Geniuses to back-to-back split titles and represent North America on the international stage later this year once more.

1. Steven “Hans sama” Liv — Team Liquid

Hans Sama was nearly edged out by Danny on this list, but in the end, the veteran AD carry got the nod as the best AD carry in the LCS. Overall, there are no weak points in Hans Sama’s game. He is the best laning AD carry in the LCS, averaging eight CS above the enemy AD carry at the 15-minute mark. Meanwhile, his late-game team fights and positioning are a big reason why Team Liquid finished first in the LCS Spring regular season.


Everything a team owner could want in an AD carry, Hans sama has been the best Western AD carry for years and in North America, that has still not changed. Now all he needs is that championship trophy to complete it all.


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