Adin Ross donates $10k to fellow creator's brain cancer GoFundMe

Adin Ross, who only recently returned to streaming after a ban, was praised by fans on Twitch for an act of philanthropy this week as the former FaZe collaborator donated $10,000 to a GoFundMe for another creator. Tony "RSGLORYANDGOLD" Winchester, a 68-year old streamer who has been diagnosed with brain cancer, is the recipient of Ross’s generosity. 


The donation was revealed on stream when Ross pulled up the GoFundMe for RSGLORYANDGOLD’s treatment, which has already met its $30k goal, to reveal he had given $10k of his own money to the cause. Ethan Klein, which is the name of one half of H3H3 productions, is also listed as having made a $1000 donation at the start of the campaign.



The move comes at a time when Ross has been under scrutiny, in particular his gambling streams, but fans were largely positive in their reception, praising Ross for the move. Others pointed out that even if it were a publicity stunt the money will still benefit RSGLORYANDGOLD, who has been through the mill over the last few years.

RuneScape streamer harrassed by KEEMSTAR

For those who recognise his name, RSGLORYANDGOLD was the target of an erroneous report from notorious internet drama-monger Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem a few years back. KEEMSTAR has accused RSGLORYANDGOLD of being a sex offender on more than one occasion, with the first accusation leading to what seemed like a heartfelt apology, made in 2016, when it turned to be a case of mistaken identity.



Since then, RSGLORYANDGOLD, who streams RuneScape on Twitch, has faced further harassment from KEEMSTAR and his fans, but never any actual charges related to the accusations KEEMSTAR made at the time or since. Now he has a bigger battle to fight, with the GoFundMe stating he has brain cancer, which has damaged his eyesight and threatens to take his life.


This isn’t Adin Ross’s first philanthropic moment either, with the streamer stating in 2021 that he would donate 20% of his stream income to charity on a regular basis. As for this cause, while Tony has met his $30k goal, healthcare in the US is notoriously expensive, and you can still donate to RSGLORYANDGOLD’s GoFundMe if you wish, with the link here


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