Super Smash Bros. Melee community accused of sexism after Mang0 comments on Heard vs. Depp trial


Despite the Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp defamation and abuse trial coming to an end, the entirety of the internet is still hooked on the case. Many have been very vocal about their opinion on the case, with streamers like Felix "xQc" Lengyel, Asmongold, and Imane "Pokimane" Anys attacking Amber Heard and supporting Johnny Depp. 


It's no surprise that the Smash community has also shared opinions on the highly publicized celebrity trial. But some in the Smash community feel that Melee God Joseph "Mang0" Marquez's recent comments regarding the case have taken it a little too far. Competitive Melee player Jo Plissken recently took to Twitter to say he "can't, in good faith, recommend women to get into the [Smash] scene" after seeing Mang0's recent stream. 


"I think she set back womankind at least 20 years. I think she set them back. That was a tough L. That being said, Amber Heard could still get it. Ten bucks Johnny Depp taps that at least one more time. Ten bucks! And it's gonna be the hottest sex known to man. I wish I could watch it. I'd pay top pay-per-view dollar to watch that," Mang0 said while casually playing Melee. 


A viewer called Amber Heard a c*m guzzler, leading Mang0 to respond: "Oh, my type of girl. I love me a c*m guzzler." 



Jo Plissken explained that he's a Mang0 fan and even cheers for him in the front row at tournaments. But that doesn't mean he likes what Mang0 said on stream about Amber Heard, and women generally. Plissken stated that he saw similar comments throughout the trial, with other male community members allegedly commenting they wanted Heard to start an OnlyFans, among other things. 


Some accused Plissken of being "too sensitive," but he didn't agree, adding, "I literally just want women to feel more welcome and shit like this doesn't help." 


Others, however, rallied behind Plissken. One follower pointed to a tweet from Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma that had a meme about the trial. Some Smash players were frustrated that Hungrybox had made such a sensitive topic into a simplified meme while others said it was just an innocent joke about the case's outcome.



"I can name countless times Mang0 has made comments like this plus much worse about women," said a female caster from the community. "And he isn't the only one who does it. This and the community's failure to actively call it out is something that has completely ruined Melee for me and made me want nothing to do with it." 


One instance is Mang0 calling an early combo video "Rape." He also called out hot tub streamers on Twitch after getting a ban for "sexual content" for telling Ludwig he "humped an anime figurine too many times." Mang0 has also been accused of alleged abuse by a partner, making his comments on the abuse trial even more concerning for some Smash players. 


While Mang0's recent comments were possibly just jokes made at the expense of Amber Heard, it was still taking it too far for members of the community who already feel the Melee scene is unwelcoming and unsafe for women.


With the Smash scene attempting to come back from the extreme amount of #MeToo accusations in 2020, these types of sexist comments are concerning for members who want to see the Melee scene improve, expand, and become more inclusive. 


Inven Global reached out to Cloud9 for comment and received no response at the time of publishing. 

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