CodeMiko banned from Twitch after going completely nude on stream


VTuber Youna "CodeMiko" Kang has been banned from Twitch after stripping off her clothes during a recent broadcast. 


CodeMiko is a really popular VTuber with nearly 900K followers on Twitch. The 31-year-old started streaming in 2017 with a 3D virtual avatar. Using Unreal Engine, CodeMiko wears a motion capture suit and gloves while streaming. She is known for her wacky personality, wild guest-filled streams, and interactive backgrounds shaped by viewers. 


CodeMiko has always been a bit raunchy but she seemed to push it a bit too far on a recent stream titled "CODEMIKO MIGHT GET BANNED TODAY." With over 3,400 people watching, CodeMiko stripped completely naked while livestreaming. CodeMiko was essentially pretending to be homeless and living naked inside a crate, with fans using donations to throw things at her like food and dead bodies. 



CodeMiko seemed aware of the possible consequences, even tweeting "Perma???" after the ban happened. She could also be seen laughing in the replies. But is the ban actually permanent? 



CodeMiko is not permanently banned from Twitch. The streamer still has her Twitch Partnership. Fans also found the ban titled as "Temporary_TOS" within Twitch's internal coding. This points to CodeMiko being banned temporarily for breaking Twitch's Terms of Service, most likely relating to nudity. 


The streaming community joked that CodeMiko should have just worn body paint or a revealing bikini while in a hot tub, mocking Twitch's inconsistent rulings when it comes to its own Terms of Service. Real-life women like Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa have avoided bans while showing far more skin than the avatar, leading to criticism from viewers. 


It's currently unclear when CodeMiko will return to Twitch. This is her fourth ban, which has fans worried that it may be more than the usual three-day suspension for similar behavior. 

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