Adin Ross deletes tweet about indefinite Twitch ban, leaving fans confused


Adin Ross quickly blew up to be one of Twitch's biggest content creators but that came with a lot of controversy along the way. From getting into heated debates with popular streamers to being associated with sexist content creators, Adin Ross' rise to the top hasn't been a smooth one. Adin Ross was then banned from Twitch on April 20 but fans were left wondering why. Until now. 


Adin Ross has been completely silent on social media following his ban. Fans weren't sure why he was banned, if he was coming back, and what he was going to do next. While neither Twitch no Adin Ross went public with the reason for the ban, the streaming community believed it was due to a homophobic slur he used during another streamers' broadcast when he thought cameras were off. 


But would Adin Ross ever return? Usually breaking Twitch's Terms of Service regarding hate speech results in a month-long suspension. But with that being Adin Ross' fifth ban in the last few years, Adin Ross received an indefinite suspension. In a since-deleted tweet, Adin Ross claimed he was not sure what he said to lead to the suspension and added that he wasn't sure where the situation occurred. 



After deleting the tweet, Adin Ross has been silent on Twitter once again. A few days ago, he posted a "soon" tweet on a second Twitter account that has since been deleted as well. So far, this cryptic tweet hasn't led to anything. Then on May 31, Adin Ross used his alternate Twitter account to say he was "unable" to stream. This was another mysterious tweet that left fans wondering what was going on with Adin.


It's possible that Adin Ross may be having legal issues with Twitch. It's also possible that he could switch to YouTube instead. With Adin Ross largely silent online, it's currently unclear what is happening next with the popular streamer. 

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