[MSI 2022] Faker on who showed the best performance: "It was me."


On May 28, in the semifinals of the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational, T1 had a clean sweep over G2 Esports. With the win, they advanced to the finals to face Royal Never Give Up. It was a great match for Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, as he stylized on his opponent, Rasmus “Caps” Winther. After the match, he joined Jeesun Park for a brief interview.



You probably really wanted to beat T1. It’s your first international finals appearance since ‘17. How do you feel?


I’m really satisfied that we beat G2 3-0 today. It’s been a while since I reached the finals on an international stage, but I’m happier about the win itself today.


T1’s draft today was very well-prepared. You countered Jarvan IV and Galio with Tristana in game 1, played LeBlanc in game 2, and played Akali in game 3. What did you focus on the most for today’s match?


We talked a lot about the draft. We discussed how we’ll direct the draft with the coaches and players altogether. We also worked on our fundamentals a lot and I think that helped with getting this good result today.


You made a 10K gold difference within 17 minutes in game 3. What worked out well?


Everyone benefitted well from skirmishes. I think we did better in several aspects compared to the Rumble Stage.


Who do you think showed the best performance?


I think it was me.


Many fans are saying that your form is better than ever. What do you think about your form?


It wasn’t that good up to the Rumble Stage. I was in a good condition today, so I thought I’d win. I’m happy that we did. I don’t think my form is better than ever - there’s still a lot to improve on.


You’ll be facing RNG tomorrow to decide who’ll become the 3-time MSI champion. What are your expectations?


I think we can win against RNG. We’re playing two days in a row, so we’ll be able to keep our momentum from today, and that’s a plus in a way. We have a short time to prepare, but we’ll prepare for the finals well.


Lastly, a word to the fans?


I got more energy because so many fans cheered for us. It was good seeing everyone clapping for the other team as well. Please cheer a lot for us tomorrow in the finals as well.


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