Sweet Anita in fear after "crazy" stalker gets ticket to TwitchCon to meet her


Dealing with stalkers and harassment is unfortunately par for the course for many female streamers. Valkyrae has privated her Twitter in the past to avoid obsessive fans. Pokimane had a stalker show up at her house after finding out her address. Now, Sweet Anita has revealed some harrowing DMs from an obsessive fan who has found a way to get into an event she is planning to attend. 


Sweet Anita has dealt with stalkers before, with one crazed male fan even sleeping outside of her house and hanging around for hours after writing to her obsessively for months. Unfortunately that 2019 incident isn't the only scary situation Sweet Anita has experienced. 



On May 23, Sweet Anita shared some DMs on Twitter with fans showing her latest stalker situation. The messages show the man confessing his "love" for Sweet Anita and then detailing how he plans to get into Twitch Con wearing a disguise so he can approach her. He said he didn't want to hurt her, but Sweet Anita was clearly shaken up nonetheless. 


Sweet Anita explained that the DMs are from a "crazed homeless guy" who joined her Discord and got members of her community to pay for his living expenses. The "kind people" also paid for his ticket to Twitch Con, not realizing that he was actually a stalker who obsessively messaged Sweet Anita. 



Sweet Anita went on to explain that she has been receiving hundreds of messages from the stalker. He contacts her almost every day despite not getting a response. 


While some men expressed sympathy for the man for having some sort of "social disorder," many agreed that he could be dangerous and started to give Sweet Anita advice on how to contact Twitch Con security ahead of the July event. A lot of people stepped forward with bodyguard recommendations and suggestions, with some professional body guards even offering to be with Sweet Anita at the event. 



Many female streamers could relate to Sweet Anita's situation, detailing how fans will often "read into" comments or on stream behavior, giving them hope that there's a connection of some sort. Sweet Anita has yet to respond to any of the advice or support, but she recently tweeted about dealing with "pervs" and "angry people," who will ask if she has a SnapChat or OnlyFans. 


Anita said: "Sometimes it can be very tiring to have the same questions over and over again. Do you have a boyfriend? Do you have a boyfriend? [...] They'll spam it. And if you ignore it, they'll try to donate it. I'll delete it." 



Sweet Anita added that getting "genuine" compliments from her followers keeps her going. It makes her feel happy to be on Twitch, Sweet Anita added. 


"It keeps me motivated to stay," Sweet Anita said. 

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