Super Smash Bros. pros weigh in on MultiVersus


MultiVersus' closed alpha came out last week and many in the competitive Super Smash Bros. community were at the frontlines of the exclusive action. After a few days of playing, the opinions are in. 


MultiVersus has been jokingly called the "next Smash killer" due to the $100K prize pool at Evo 2022. With a big budget behind the Warner Bros platform fighter, the star-studded game has developer support when it comes to its gameplay and the upcoming competitive scene. So is MultiVersus the fun fighting game fans were hoping for? 


Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma, one of the first to leak the existence of the WB-themed fighter, gave his thoughts after one day of playing. Unlike Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl, MultiVersus has great voice acting and a pretty solid moveset and balance. But Hungrybox added that the game, while fun, had a few glitches and some frustrating physics. 



While Hungrybox found doubles to be "chaotic," Samuel "Dabuz" Buzby seemed to fully embrace the crazy action. He has been grinding the game on Twitch to find out all the "fun" stuff about the game, exploring a variety of characters. 


While he enjoyed Bugs Bunny in singles, doubles had Dabuz choosing between Velma and Reindog at first. But when not grinding doubles with mutuals, Dabuz has been working on improving in singles in order to  become top 10 in the world during the Alpha. 



Michael "Riddles" Kim was more focused on the serious side of MultiVersus. While he said that doubles is "pretty fun," he was adamant on Twitter that singles is "REALLY bad." Why? After some practice, Riddles noticed that the dodging mechanic is not too great and the game is much too floaty, a sentiment Hungrybox also shared. Still, he enjoyed playing as Finn from Adventure Time. 



Joseph "Mang0" Marquez has been casually checking out MultiVersus on stream while drinking. While he has not offered any analysis off of stream, Mang0 has said that it seems "pretty good" so far. He spent most of his stream smash talking Plup and other opponents and experimenting with different characters. Mang0 discovered a few different techs but mostly seemed to be messing around. Still, Mang0 said to give him a few days and he'll be beast at the game. 





Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman also gave MultiVersus a shot. He hasn't given a full analysis of the game despite being a very technical, critical player. But he has spent a good six hours or more training at it. During his first stream, Mew2King said he was "kind of just playing the game." He could be seen jumping from character to character, "figuring it out" as he went. Still, Mew2King admitted he would play the game "all day, all night," meaning it must have been at least somewhat entertaining to the Melee pro. 


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