Smash players call MultiVersus the "Smash killer" after it gets $100K prize pool at Evo

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Remember Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl or whatever? Same. But now there's another "Smash killer" on the horizon: MultiVersus. 


Warner Bros. hinted at a platform fighter a long while back, which left the Smash community a bit curious about the chaotic crossover. Being able to fight as Batman, Bugs Bunny, Shaggy, and Jake from Adventure Time in one game just seemed absolutely fun no matter how the game turned out. But now the game is getting real: Warner Bros. has announced that MultiVersus won't only be at Evo but will have a $100K prize pool. 



The Smash community immediately took notice. The game wasn't even released yet the publisher was giving it a massive prize pool at the biggest fighting game tournament of the year. Meanwhile, Nintendo had announced that Melee — a game that recently celebrated its 20th annivesary — and Ultimate were being removed from Evo. 


Nintendo has a long history of not supporting the competitive side of Smash. This includes trying to get Melee removed from Evo in the past but taking it back after massive backlash. Many touranments have been disrupted throughout the years, with Nintendo trying to stop not only competitive scenes but fan projects. 


Smash fans, clearly seeing the vast contrast between Smash's support and MultiVersus' support, called the game the "Smash killer." One fan said it was the "first Smash killer to actually kill Smash" on Twitter. Another noted that the game was giving away $100K despite only being in the alpha while Nintendo is "giving backpacks as prizes." Whether joking or not, the comparison still brought up the serious concerns of the Smash community. 



Of course, Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl was given the same treatment initially. It was passionately supported by the Smash community and added to every major event. The developers were in full support of the competitive scene. But just mere months later, Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl had like five viewers max on Twitch. 


But it's important to note that Nick had been quite unpolished, with no voice acting and a very unbalanced roster. It's possible that MultiVersus will be a much higher quality platform fighter. Still, that doesn't mean it will replace Smash's decades of grassroots passionate support. That doesn't meant it will remain in the spotlight. 


Still, the Smash community will take any opportunity to bash Nintendo. Unfortunately Nintendo is most likely not paying attention at all and would even welcome pro players switching to MultiVersus if they even knew this was a topic of discussion. 

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