Discord servers in fear of new Morbius prank subjecting victims to the full film

▲ Jared Leto as Michael Morbius. Image via Columbia Pictures


Discord users are in fear after a new trend has emerged that does the unthinkable. On Saturday, a Twitter user known as TannerOfDaNorth bravely came forward to warn others of a serious new threat plaguing Discord servers around the world. 


According to TannerOfDaNorth, there are some sick individuals posting WEBM video files to Discord servers titled "Full-1_1." There is no further explanation given, prompting some curious Discord users to click on the link. To the horror of those that clicked on the unsuspecting link, it's soon revealed that it's the entire Morbius film. 


"You will lose 90 minutes to crazy Morbin' action," TannerOfDaNorth said. "Be warned." 



Discord users are now in fear after learning of the new trend.


Morbius currently has a 17% on Rotten Tomato and that's even including the troll reviews from sickos who skew the rating for their own pleasure. Morbius has been called one of the worst Marvel films of all time due to the underwhelming, CGI-heavy fight scenes, dull storyline, and lackluster characters with no depth. This was unfortunate for fans of the Morbius comics, who felt the film was rushed and didn't do the anti-hero justice. 


The almost unanimous hatred for Morbius has made the film somewhat of a meme in gaming and internet culture. It's no surprise that people are using the film as a "Rick Roll" of sorts on Discord. While the tweet was initially seen as a clever joke, many have come forward to say that the threat is legit. 



Luckily this sick trick will be easily avoided thanks to these selfless individuals who have subjected themselves to the film just to confirm that "Full-1" is truly Morbius in disguise. If you see this in a Discord server, remember this article as a warning to not click on the link. 

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