[MSI 2022] Here are some of the best fan signs at the Rumble Stage

Fan signs are a staple part of live esports. This year's MSI is no different, as there are so many creative fans [artistically and comically] that made their way to watch their favorite teams play. T1 was the home team and a team with arguably the biggest fanbase, so the majority of the fans are at BEXCO, Busan to cheer for T1. However, we at Inven Global were able to spot a lot of fans cheering for the other teams in the Rumble Stage as well.


Right next to the Riot Store at BEXCO, there was an area where fans were able to draw their fan signs. Here are some of them that we've capture through our camera. 



Fans also brought their own fan signs on top of the ones they drew at the venue
"Us! Us! Zeus!"
That Gumayusi character is too AYAYA
"Our top laner Zeus"
"Our jungler T1 Moon Hyeon-joon"
"The 2nd phase T1 cannot be stopped"
Any Keria fans?
Keria at LFL? Dunno about that one chief...
There were some KCorp fans in the house as well
Will we see Zeus' Teemo at MSI?
Or Oner's Nidalee? This "20 year old Oner fan" hopes to see it!
"ZOFGK! Let's go T1"
We found Mrs. Faker [?]
There were a lot of G2 fans in the building as well!
Big brain caPs
No, it wasn't Plumy that drew this
Spotted some EG fan signs as well
"G2 & EG #DIFF"
It sucks RNG couldn't make it to Busan =(

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