More people watched the European Tramdriver Championship than the Halo Championship Series 2022 Grand Finals


The European Tramdriver Championship 2022 recently came to an end after a 5.5 hour live stream, once again proving that almost anything can be made into a competitive game. 


The unique competition was streamed on YouTube, getting over 40K views on the English stream alone thus far. To give you an idea of how many viewers that is, the Overwatch League is currently livestreaming to 45K fans. The Grand Finals match of Smash Summit 13 has 42K views. Oh, and the Halo Championship Series 2022 Grand Finals had a little over 21K views. 



Basically, the European Tramdriver Championship 2022 had a pretty successful return after its two-year hiatus. The event featured 25 teams from 19 different nations — this includes a team from Melbourne, Australia for the first time. The seven events show off different driving skills including racing at about 20 miles per hour and then breaking "really, really fast" when a stop sign is held up. There was also a tram bowling challenge, where drivers have to hit a giant ball as hard as they can into some "pins" without hitting the pins themselves.  


Many applauded the production and commentary of the event. While a lot of people started off asking "what am I even watching," a lot of people from around the world stuck around to watch the infectiously positive and fun event. It may not be an esport, but it was still an entertaining live stream event that opened up an entirely new world for many viewers. 

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