Infiltration has been banned from Twitch and multiple fighting game events, including EVO 2022

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South Korean professional fighting game player Lee "Infiltration" Seon-woo was banned from streaming on Twitch and from competing, as well as attending, multiple major fighting game community events this year, including EVO 2022. 


As made public by Infiltration on his Twitter account, EVO was not the only tournament to bar his attendance and competition. Most notably, Combo Breaker 2022, which takes place in a week and was one of two events Infiltration had already registered for alongside EVO, has followed suit and refunded Infiltration for his registration fee, stating that, like EVO, he would not be allowed to attend as a competitor or spectator. 



This is not the first time Infiltration's participation in the FGC has been controversial. The veteran Street Fighter player was arrested for multiple counts of domestic violence against his at-the-time wife in 2017. Infiltration's ex-wife sought a temporary restraining order, which was granted once a medical note from a hospital deemed she had sustained bruising as well as a wrist injury, and he was fined 700,000 won ($550 USD).


Infiltration and his wife divorced in December 2017, one month after the South Korean court ruled against Infiltration, and less than a year later, his organization Panda Global, who had already withdrawn him from events following the arrest, severed all ties after acquiring documents from the court. Infiltration was also banned from all Capcom tournaments for two years following the verdict. 


Despite Infiltration's allegations to the contrary, members of the FGC suspect that he was banned from Twitch due to his usage of racial slurs in a recent stream. In the NSFW clip, Infiltration's language violates guidelines in the Twitch terms of service. Infiltration has since addressed the clip on his Twitter account.



Capcom has not provided any statement on Infiltration's recent ban, but stated in their first ban of him following his arrest for domestic violence that a repeat violation would result in a lifetime competitive ban.

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