[MSI 2022] PSG Juhan: "If we somehow make it into the KO Stage, I’d say we’d be going as the 4th seed."

On day 1 of Rumble Stage at MSI 2022, PSG Talon went 1-1 in the two matches that they played. Although they managed to take the win over Saigon Buffalos, they lost to T1 in their second match of the day, thus concluding their day 1 with a 1-1 result.


The jungler for PSG, Lee “Juhan” Ju-han, joined Inven Global after their loss against T1.

PSG Talon went 1-1 today. How do you evaluate the team’s performance today?


We’ve built a good lead against SGB, but I’m unhappy with the fact that we made a lot of mistakes. Against T1, I think that we lost because they were able to build their lead over objectives.


Not only is this your first international event, you had to play online during the PCS Spring split. With so many fans present at the venue tonight, did you feel any pressure? Did playing in front of such a large crowd affect your performance at all?


Actually, I thought that because most of the fans were cheering for T1… There wasn’t anyone that was cheering us on. I didn’t feel pressured playing today because of it.


Heading into the Rumble Stage, what were some of the things that you had to fix?


We knew that we had to make more proper in-game calls, and the only way to do that was through raw practice. I also had to fix the calls that I was making, as I was making some unnecessary calls that my teammates thought weren’t needed, with a strong voice. That’s why I worked on strongly opinionating the calls that I felt was right, and discarding all the useless one.

After PSG beat SGB, I was able to see the team receiving some strong feedback through the Twitter post from PSG’s GM. Talk to me about some of that feedback.


Since this was day 1 of Rumble Stage, I was told that not only did I play a bit scared, I also made some unnecessary plays. 


T1’s widely considered one of the, if not the best team in the tournament. How did you analyze the team before the match, and what was the strategy heading into the game?


We told ourselves to minimize the mistakes during the laning phase, and to have the right number of players contest for objectives. It sucks that it didn’t work out.


While the early game looked fairly even, the game swung in T1’s favor around the 18 minute mark when T1 gathered mid lane to drop the Rift Herald. What was the call made to come back into the game?


At that point, we felt that we couldn’t win on the side where they had a lot of members, so we tried to macro through the opposite side of where T1 spent their resources.


What are some of the things that the team needs to fix after the loss against T1?


I feel that we need to make more plays that create variance. There weren’t a lot of that today, especially against T1.


Where does PSG Talon stand among the teams in the Rumble Stage of MSI 2022?


I think we’re mid-bottom tier. It’s hard to say, but I think that if we somehow make it into the Knockout Stage, I’d say we’d be going as the 4th seed.


Out of 10, how do you rate your own performance tonight? What do you need to personally work on?


I’d say 4/10. I couldn’t do anything against T1, and I made mistakes against SGB, so I think the first thing I need to work on is minimizing those mistakes.


PSG will be playing against RNG and EG on day 2. How do you analyze the two teams?


We played RNG in groups; although I think it’ll be hard, I think it’s winnable. As for EG, the more games I watched, the more I thought that we could definitely beat them.


Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?


I was surprised to see how there are a lot more PSG Talon fans in Korea than I thought. Please cheer for me until the end.

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