4th Weekly Esports of April - The continued reign of SKT T1, and match fixing in Overwatch APEX


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Hello everyone! Here's the Weekly Esports for you to get caught up with this week's esports news and events!

The most anticipated LCK Spring Split finals was last Saturday!

Many fans were looking forward to seeing this match since it was a re-match between SKT T1, the titan placed 1st in the regular season, and KT Rolster, who won a perfect 3:0 victory at the playoffs.

There was a lot of entertainment to enjoy and cosplays to see before the match began at the finals.

Faker was chosen as MVP for his amazing Fizz carry in the mid lane for the 1st set, and Peanut was chosen for the 2nd and 3rd set for his excellent Lee Sin and Graves play, which both led SKT T1 to a perfect 3:0 victory.

SKT T1 has once again protected their throne, and will be moving forward to MSI.

Individuals related to the match fixing of the Overwatch APEX Challengers League last February have been booked without physical restraints.

They been charged with bribing the opponent team to withdraw from Overwatch APEX Challengers Offline Wildcard Qualifier in exchange for gaming goods.

In response to this, OGN restricted individuals partaking in this conspiracy from entering all OGN-related leagues.

It’s important for everyone to realize that such crimes like this will degrade the credence and prestige of eSports, regardless of the size of the tournament and the value of the goods offered.

That’s it for this week's Weekly Esports. Thanks for reading!

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