Wemade & Wemix Part 3 — 4-year head start, aiming for a bigger future


No one can foresee the future, but looking at the path Wemade has been walking, they’ve been taking step by step according to CEO Chang “Henry” Hyun-guk’s goals. While there are more than 30 games that have signed to board Wemix, globally popular games on the platform started to appear like Yulgang Global or Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict.


Yulgang Global exceeded 5 million pre-registered users and they expanded their 20 servers on opening day to 54. Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict exceeded 100K concurrent users within 2 weeks of publishing. With more popular games, Wemix’s influence has been getting bigger.


Participating in the Global Developers’ Conference (GDC) as one of the main sponsors was another step in this process. You can play to earn by playing P2E games, but there are still people that think of it negatively — they just think of P2E games as another mining program. In that situation, Wemade participated in GDC to break the prejudice toward P2E games and to onboard more games on the Wemix platform, strengthening Wemix more to expand globally.


The process with the trade market has also been smooth. Wemix is listed on the 4 major blockchain markets in Korea, and they’ve also been listed on global markets such as crypto.com or Bittrex’s USDT market. It seems to be a matter of time to reach the goal they had of being listed on all of the top 50 global blockchain markets.



As Wemix has been expanding its influence in the blockchain ecosystem, Korean game developers have been chasing Wemade’s trail. It hasn’t even been half a year since several developers announced that they’re preparing NFT and P2E games, and they’re already publicizing their own cryptocurrency, heading into the world of P2E games.


These “rivals” appearing may seem like a threat to Wemade, but it’s not just negative for the company. Now that more companies are interested in blockchain games, it means that blockchain games will have more influence, and this can be a very positive factor for Wemade and Wemix who are in the lead of the Korean P2E gaming market.



In this environment, Wemade has been preparing to expand even more in the blockchain game ecosystem by creating an individual mainnet. A mainnet is an individual network platform that operates transactions between markets and individual crypto wallets. Wemix is currently using Klaytn as their mainnet.


If Wemix creates their own mainnet, they can prove their blockchain technology and increase their credibility as well as secure autonomy. They can create a new DApp, and like they issued Wemix based on Klaytn, they can add on other coins based on Wemix, having Wemix as their own mainnet’s key cryptocurrency. This is something Wemade must do if their goal is in fact, “Making Wemix into the key cryptocurrency of blockchain games.”



Even with rivals appearing here and there, Henry was calm. There was a reason behind his calmness. Last GDC, Henry compared Wemix to Tesla’s autonomous driving AI. Autonomous driving AI isn’t a difficult technology, but time is required to gather data from countless numbers of trials and errors. In his keynote speech, Henry mentioned that the late-starters will have a hard time catching up with the 10-year database Tesla has. He interpreted this into Wemade’s situation, where they already have a 4-year experience while others are just starting.


As Henry’s confidence, Wemix has been standing out up to now. Not only have they been expanding their blockchain game ecosystem through onboarding, but they’ve also been going public on blockchain markets, creating staking/De-Fi services, and working their own mainnet. They are moves and moves ahead of those who are just beginning.


Wemade is taking their next step forward to the next goal — breaking the prejudice on blockchain and P2E games, and resolving any misunderstandings there are. One of the reasons Wemade participated in GDC was “to resolve the misunderstandings people have about blockchain-based games.



Another measure was taken by Wemade following Henry receiving his salary and dividend in Wemix — Wemade announced that chairman and founder of Wemade, Park Kwan-ho, announced that he will dedicate approx. 25M USD in purchasing Wemix tokens, in order to aid in vitalizing the Wemix ecosystem. He will be purchasing Wemix tokens over the upcoming six months, and the purchased tokens will be locked up for one year. Thes measures are all to aid in the process of Wemade and Wemix breaking the prejudice on blockchain games.


It won’t be an easy process, even with the games that have been published, as most games just linked original games to blockchains. To ultimately resolve the misunderstandings, more games that can properly fulfill the needs of actually “playing for fun,” and “earning” while playing for fun need to be developed. Wemade also needs to know this — before they are a blockchain platform company, they are a game developer, and for Wemix to succeed, Wemade must succeed as a gaming company.


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