xQc has moved back to Canada after doxxing issues continue


Felix "xQc" Lengyel is moving back to Canada as he continues to deal with doxxing. 


Doxxing has always been a huge issue for xQc. As one of the largest streamers in the world, xQc often deals with opponents stream sniping him, doxxing him, and swatting him. This can often become dangerous, with some gamers even dying from swatting. xQc himself has had police show up at his door — as well as home invaders. 


xQc moved back to Canada mid-2021 after a home invader with a crowbar broke into his home looking for him. This was enough to scare xQc and his girlfriend on top of all the swatting that continued to plague him throughout the year. 


"Apparently he broke into the house, and he was asking for me, yelling that I owe him something or whatever," xQc said at the time. "I checked all my DMs or whatever, there was nothing, I don't really understand it... To be honest, at this point, I might just sell the house."


Unfortunately, the doxxing hasn't stopped. xQc moved to Los Angeles recently, but admitted to fans that he didn't like the city due to its fakeness and "weird" residents. He was also dealing with a lot of internet issues at whatever location he was staying. It seems that xQc has finally had enough thanks to the doxxing on top of his dislike of LA. 


Moving isn't a very big deal with xQc — and not just because he's a millionaire. xQc has said in the past that he often stays in Air BnBs so he can constantly move to avoid fans (and haters) learning his address. It's unclear if xQc was renting an Air BnB in Los Angeles or not, but he recently tweeted that he's already moved to Canada. 


According to a recent tweet, xQc already has a new setup and is ready to start streaming again tomorrow, May 16. He showed off pics of his new digs, including a cozy, simple room full of gaming memorabilia and a stylish fake grass wall. 



It's not currently clear if a new doxxing situation took place that caused xQc to move or if this is part of his continued moving pattern to avoid doxxing and swatting from getting worse. 


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