Buffalo supermarket shooter streamed incident on Twitch, 4chan-motivated manifesto found

Source: Reuters


A livestreamed mass shooting at the Buffalo supermarket on May 13 has left 10 victims dead, according to reports. The teenager streaming the mass shooting on Twitch's platform was an 18-year-old that aimed to target black people, according to a manifesto that was found and possibly written by the teen.


The livestreamed footage showed one Payton Gendron driving up to the supermarket and then opening fire on people in the parking lot. From there, he goes inside the supermarket to continue the shooting spree. A white man behind one of the cash registers is spared, with Gendron even saying "sorry" before turning away from him. The stream cuts off shortly after.


Within two minutes of the video being live on Twitch, the video was removed and the user's account banned, according to a statement from the Amazon-owned company to CNN.


A manifesto, found Thursday night and written as a Google Doc, included racist rantings, with the author claiming that a cabal is attempting to replace white Americans with non-white people through immigration. The manifesto also included anti-Semitic and racist memes. The author of the document wrote that Jewish people are behind something known as the "Great Replacement," where they are hoping to slowly replace white people in America. This was something that Gendron started to believe while browsing 4Chan while "bored" during the pandemic in 2020, according to reports.


The document ended with the author laying out their plans for the mass shooting, including their decision to drive to Buffalo due to its higher black population. “We are aware of the manifesto allegedly written by the suspect and we’re working to definitively confirm that he is the author,” the Erie County District Attorney's Office stated. 


Gendron was arraigned Saturday evening in Buffalo City Court on one count of murder in the first degree. He is currently there without bail. A felony hearing is scheduled for Thursday morning. 

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