[MSI 2022] DFM Evi: "We will see you at Worlds!"

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The MSI 2022 journey has come to an end for DetonatioN FocusMe. The Japanese squad, who made Cloud9 sweat at last year's MSI and wrote history by being the first LJL representatives to make it to the Worlds Group Stage, came up short this time around. Only one victory was scooped up, against LLA champions Team Aze. At the end of the road, DFM top laner Shunsuke "Evi" Murase spoke to Inven Global about his experience at MSI and his veteran status on the international stage.


Welcome, Evi. An unfortunate end to MSI for you guys, as you've been eliminated from the tournament. How are you walking away from this day?


It's very unfortunate, truly. But honestly, we should have played a lot better. This is a result that I accept.


Heading into the day, you knew that you'd have to beat Saigon Buffalo. What was your preparation like?


We reviewed our first three matches against the opponents and we came in prepared. But sadly, it didn't go well.


What did you learn from reviewing your games?


After reviewing the games, we figured that it's better to put our focus more on the mid lane and bot lane matchup. That's what we wanted to improve on for today.


You've been to international events with DFM quite a few times now. What has it meant to you to represent the LJL again at this MSI?


MSI is a very important tournament for us. We can measure where Japan as a region, stands in the international world. It's a test for us. I'm here to challenge myself individually to see how good I am on the international stage as a top laner. The reason why I'm here is to prove how good I am.


If you compare yourself throughout the international events you've attended, what changes do you see in yourself both as a player and as a person?


That's hard to answer right now.


Well, one thing that has increased over the years is the support for you, especially from international fans. You've become a bit of an icon. How is that for you?


I'm happy to hear that I got more support. The staff and cameramen at international events ask me to give them a thumbs up every time we meet each other. [Laughs] I'm having fun and I'm happy to be in this position.


As you round up MSI and got to travel to another international event, what has been a highlight for you while you were in Busan?


Actually, I don't have many really, really good memories to look back on. Our performance was really bad, so I'm not satisfied with it. I don't think I have a particularly good memory at MSI this year.


I'm sorry to hear that. I hope for you that you get another shot to prove yourself at Worlds. To close out the interview, is there anything you'd like to say to the fans?


We will see you at Worlds.

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