[MSI 2022] T1 Faker: "As long as we prepare the way we do, I believe we’ll beat G2 no problem."

Image captured via LCK Broadcast

As many anticipated, T1 defeated Saigon Buffalo in their last match of Group A, round two matches at MSI 2022. With this victory, T1 went undefeated in their group and will be heading into the Rumble Stages as the top seed.


T1’s mid laner, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok joined special interviewer Bae “Bang” Jun-sik for an interview
on the LCK broadcast.

Congrats on the 6-0. How does it feel to be doing this interview with me?


Hello, nice to see you.


Thoughts on the undefeated Groups run?


I believed we could do it. Saigon Buffalo were better than we anticipated in both of our games. The Rumble Stages is when things really pick up, so we’re going to have to prepare well.


Although you’ve played in many international tournaments, this MSI is your first in Korea. Thoughts?


It’s more comfortable playing in Korea. It’s more fun because there are so many Korean fans on-site.


In contrast to your career, your teammates have less experience on the international stage.


There are those that came from other teams and those that have built experience through T1’s academy system. I think they’ve adjusted well not only during Worlds last year, but during this year’s MSI as well.


What’s the game plan against G2 and RNG? Especially for G2, since it’s the revenge match?


Although we lost to G2 a long time ago, we’re a totally different team right now. As long as we prepare the way we do, I believe we’ll beat G2, no problem. For RNG; it’s been a while since we faced them as well, but again, the same game plan should do the trick.


Lastly, it was really cool when you said “I never left” for the MSI promo. Can you do it for the interview once again?


“I never left”


Thank you for the interview. Please do well on the Rumble Stages.


Thank you.

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