[MSI 2022] T1 Gumayusi on who he wants to face: "GALA from RNG. I want a penta as well."

Screencapped via LCK broadcast

On May 15, T1 defeated Team AZE in their second match of round two at MSI 2022 Group Stages. T1 remains undefeated in their group thus far and is slated to face the VCS’ representatives, Saigon Buffalo, in their last match of the day.


The bot laner for T1, Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong, joined the LCK Broadcast for an interview.

T1’s now 5-0 in Group A.


I want to finish the Group Stages undefeated. I’ll make sure to play well until the end.


As T1’s playing a lot of champions that they want to play, what did the bot lane of T1 discuss for picks?


We did discuss a lot of picks that we can play, but we concluded that we’ll just play the champions that we want for the Group Stages.


Keria’s Pyke roamed quite a bit in this game. As the AD Carry, how did you feel about your support being out of lane a lot?


I even roamed to the mid lane to have fun as well. I just thought that he was good at making his roams work.


A lot of teams and players have stated that they want to face you on the Rift.


I’m happy that I got a lot of shoutouts from other players and I’m also very happy with so many teams cheering us on.


On the flip side, is there a player that you want to face at MSI?


GALA from RNG. I want a penta as well.


How does T1 need to play to get their sixth victory in the Group Stages?


I think Saigon Buffalo’s bot laner, Shogun, is pretty good. I’m usually not the type to get solo killed in lane. But I died a lot the last time we played, so I’m going to get my revenge.

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