Ludwig is not happy with YouTube livestreaming, says it "sucks"


Ludwig Ahgren has been streaming on YouTube for a while now and has some feedback for the platform. And it's not positive. 


Ludwig started streaming on Twitch in 2018 and became one of the biggest streamers on the platform in 2021 after doing a crazy subathon that broke all kinds of subscription records. Ludwig shocked his massively growing fanbase when he declared he was leaving Twitch for YouTube that same year. 


Since moving to YouTube, Ludwig has expressed a lot of concerns with the platform. On May 7, he took to his second channel to continue criticizing YouTube. 


"YouTube livestreaming kind of sucks. I enjoy the switch. I regret zero parts about it. I believe it will be a better livestreaming platform... in a few years," Ludwig said. 


YouTube just added a bunch of new features, like hosting and raiding, but Ludwig noted that it was pretty underwhelming and doesn't work as intended. He called some of the features "confusing" and "bad," saying it "should be better." 



Ludwig decided to take this time to also announce something he's been working on for six months. It's a company called Truffle with an entire team of full-time and contracted employees that's focused on fixing YouTube livestreaming. 


He explained that YouTube and Twitch live chat are different, with YouTube's being more difficult to read and buffering incorrectly. Ludwig's browser extension will load YouTube chats like Twitch chats, even adding different emotes to "build culture" and create a community. 


Ludwig explained that there are already things in the worse, including a battle pass where viewers earn rewards by watching streamers as well as predictions and channel points. Fans can also gamble "fake internet points" during Ludwig's stream, betting on what he does in-game. It's been working for the past few months but Ludwig noted it only works for his stream so far to avoid complications for other streamers until it's improved. 


"We are taking the risks and trying to make things better in the short term rather than waiting for two years in hopes that YouTube will maybe add channel points. I'm excited about it," Ludwig said. 

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