A summary of items that increase efficiency to the maximum with the right timing

There are items that you can only use in the story mode of Knights Fall. Three types are available during the chapters, and the first one is Rage, which increases the damage of normal and charging soldiers. The second is Explosion, which literally blows up all soldiers on the map to give AoE damage in certain areas, and the last is Thunderbolt, which damages random enemies three times.

Items are not given at every stage, therefore it is recommended that you not use them unless you are caught in a dire situation that can only be resolved with the use of items. Though they are very scare, the effects of these items are phenomenal enough to make up for that.

▲ Items can be used on the bottom left of the screen.


Strengthens normal and charging soldiers - Rage

Rage increases the damage of normal and charging soldiers by twofold for 20 seconds. When used, all soldiers, including the ones already on the map, get a damage boost. As the duration is limited, it would be good to use the item when there are as many soldiers on the map as possible.

Not only does it increase damage, but it also increases your soldiers’ HP. Normally, a soldier dies after about three attacks from an orc, but he can sustain more damage with Rage. However, thorn shields and traps still cause instant death.

Rage is most effective in missions where you eliminate a boss. In particular, the chapter where you can adjust the gauge and directly attack the boss is an ideal situation that lets you use Rage at its max potential. Rage’s HP boost can be used to help soldiers charge through a large group of enemies, though Explosion would be a better choice in such situations.

The most important thing when using Rage is timing; with bad timing, it could be a huge waste. Some chapters require you to bounce soldiers off from certain objects to complete, thus they won’t be able to attack as much as possible. In this case, using Rage is not a good option.

▲ The comparison between before (left) and after (right) the use of Rage
▲ Soldiers (yellow circle) already deployed on the map becomes strenghtened too.
▲ Charging soldiers become strenghtened as well.


Extreme damage within a small area - Explosion

Explosion deals massive damage around the vicinity of your soldiers. Because the item blows up every soldier on the map, you can clear up multiple routes all at once if you use the item and your soldiers strategically. The maximum damage is approximately 2,000, which will kill almost any monster immediately. You don’t have to directly hit the target to deal the damage full damage, so you don’t need to adjust the gauge as precisely as you would normally.

The damage soldiers deal to enemies usually diminishes as the number of hits increases, but the damage of the explosion stays the same no matter how much HP the soldiers have. Although it wouldn’t be easy to check the status of every single soldier, using the item right before the death of a soldier would theoretically be the best choice.

Note that the damage applies to only one target even if one radius overlaps another. For example, only one soldier would deal damage to the boss even though a group of them surrounds him. It wouldn’t be a problem with a normal enemy as they die instantly with one shot, but this needs to be taken into consideration when you encounter a boss with high HP.

The radius of each explosion is a bit wider than what you actually see. Thus, you don’t need to put effort into attaching the soldiers onto the enemies, as the amount of damage is the same as long as they are in range. Moreover, Explosion is not affected by obstacles or objects, unlike other explosive objects on the map. Therefore, you can still kill the enemies as long as they are in the radius, even if their location is behind an object such as a wall. However, the obstacles that can only be destroyed by explosive objects cannot be destroyed by Explosion.

▲ The radius of Explosion (green circle)
▲ Explosive objects can be destroyed by the item.
▲ Enemies behind the wall can be killed if you use the item closely enough (green area).
▲ Indestructible objects cannot be destroyed even with Explosion.


Aim for the shot - Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt deals damage three times to random enemies on the map. The damage is slightly different between enemies - the more HP the enemy has, the higher damage the item deals. It does not, however, have any AoE hit-box, so it affects only one enemy in a group. The item also considers objects such as explosives on the map as possible targets to be hit. But, it attacks the same target multiple times if there are less than 3 enemies on the map, being the most effective item to eliminate the lone boss monster.

The single-target damage of this item is the highest among the three items, but it won’t be enough to kill a boss in one go if you cannot hit him with all three shots. Furthermore, the target is randomly selected so you might need to have a bit of luck as well. For this reason, the perfect time to use it is after you have eliminated all other enemies aside from the boss. It is difficult to have a circumstance where there are less than 3 enemies including the boss, which makes it a little challenging to pull off that scenario.

The best place that Thunderbolt would serve its purpose to the fullest is the chapter with a few strong enemies or one boss. It is wise to reduce the number of enemies as much as possible to increase the efficiency of the item.

▲ One shot, one kill.
▲ The impact is phenomenal against the boss.
▲ Note that explosive objects can also be the target.

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