Asmongold calls EE "a piece of sh*t" for cheating at OTK Schooled


Phil "EE" Visu recently admitted to cheating on OTK's "Schooled" game show after winning $50K, shocking the streaming community. As the controversy continued, World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold decided to speak up about the situation. 


Smash star EE recently became the OTK Schooled Season 2 champion, beating a smaller streamer Emily "ExtraEmily" Xuechun Zhang for the large cash prize. Soon after, clips started to surface that showed EE cheating during the final question. In response, EE apologized for lying, explaining that he became "salty" over some of the previous questions and became "tempted" at the end of the season.


"I admit it. I'm sorry about that," EE said in the short video. "I'm human. I made a mistake. I'm owning up to it." 



At first, the apology was seen as positive. The replies were filled with respect for EE, with some saying it "takes guts" to admit a mistake, including scorned Smash player Gonzalo "ZeRo" Castro. OTK's own founder Esfand commended EE for "coming clean," helping the situation blow over even more. 


But Asmongold, who himself is a member of the OTK group, had his own take, far less positive. On April 26, he said he was willing to "move on" from the incident but still had some strong feelings about what happened. 

Asmongold reacts to EE cheating during OTK Schooled game show

"The guy is a piece of shit for cheating," Asmongold said. "The thing is, he admitted it after it was proven almost beyond a shadow of a doubt he was cheating. It's not like he grew a conscience overnight. People grew a little bit of evidence overnight and somehow he grew a conscience after that. That's really what happened." 



It's like that Asmongold's frustration with EE stems from the fact that this isn't the first time a popular streamer has cheated during an OTK game show. Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo infamously called out Kaceytron for cheating in a previous season. 


“I feel like this is my moment,” Kaceytron said at the time. “I feel like, for years, people said I’m dumb as fuck. I’m stupid. I’m just a dumb stoner. She has no personality. She just shows her tits. She’s just pretending to be awkward. I really proved something today. This day will be remembered in Twitch history.” 



But Kaceytron's victory was marred by controversy and alleged shady plays. Mizkif called the cheating "pathetic," noting that it's his actual money on the line that cheaters are essentially "stealing" with their behavior.


"We put hundreds of hours into the show and people have no integrity on it,” Mizkif said. 


Further on EE's incident, Asmongold joked on stream that OTK should make a spin-off where all of the "cheaters" would be brought back to participate. Yet, while in jest, the frustration from OTK's crew in regards to the recurring cheating is more than apparent.

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