EEVisu admits to cheating to win $50k prize on OTKSchooled game show


Smash commentator and NRG streamer Phil "EE" Visu today posted a video apology for cheating on the One True King (OTK) network’s popular OTKSchool game show. The OTKSchooled show, in which internet personalities compete in a test of knowledge with a cash prize on the line, saw EE initially take victory over Emily "ExtraEmily" Xuechun Zhang, before his decision to cheat was uncovered and the win revoked.



This particular edition of OTKSchool had a $50K prize on the line, leading EE to "succumb to temptation" in his own words. In his video, posted on Twitter, he blamed his choice to cheat on having had a previous question which he got correct redacted, as well as trying and failing to "big brain" another answer, which caused him to become frustrated.


While the apology came today, it was not long after the show that viewers and fans on Reddit got to work, compiling evidence they said showed EE using his phone to look up multiple answers. However, when he was caught the streamer only admitted to having the answer to one math question sent to his phone. He then submitted the answer as his own work, leading to him initially being crowned winner of the game show, and told he would take the $50K prize.

EE's admission draws mixed response

With justice now done and Emily set to receive the money she rightfully won, viewers' opinions are split. Some replies to EE’s tweet praise his honesty and point, others saying out he only apologized once he was caught. OTK founder Esfand replied to the tweet praising EE for "coming clean", and stated there were "no hard feelings" between EE and OTK.


EE is best known for his work in the Smash scene, where he and partner Terrence "TKBreezy" Kershaw are one of the top duos in the commentary scene for Smash Bros Ultimate. He has also worked with Nintendo and the NBA, having started his journey in the Smash scene as a Brawl player all the way back in 2009.

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