Super Smash Bros. Melee community wonders if Mang0 is retiring from pro play


UPDATED: Mang0 has reassured fans that he isn't planning to retire, tweeting that he's "felt this way before" but knows the fire will "spark back up." 


Fans of Joseph "Mang0" Marquez are growing concerned that the Super Smash Bros. Melee legend is thinking of retiring from the game, at least temporarily. 


After long-time rival Juan "Hungrybox" Biedma knocked him out of Genesis 8, Mang0 announced last-minute that he was going to Pound after reaching a sub goal on Twitch. Fans were excited to see Mang0 compete again, even though he had seemed a bit disconnected at Genesis 8. 


Unfortunately, Mang0's performance was still underwhelming at Pound. This time Mang0 didn't even make it to the top 8. After losing to Arjun "lloD" Malhotra, Mang0 fans joked that beating Mang0 these days means "everything and nothing." While one of the GOATs of Melee, Mang0 just hasn't been performing as well as one would expect from one of the Five Gods. 



But apparently, losing was all part of Mang0's plan. After Pound, Mang0 tweeted that he came to Pound "wanting" to lose "to see how I would feel." With this mindset, Mang0 claimed he felt nothing when he lost and just wanted every set to be over the moment it started. 


"People shitting on me after I underperform gets me going. It did nothing," Mang0 said. 




He ended the tweet by claiming that Summit will probably be his last event "for a while." Smash Summit 13 will be taking place May 12-15. This gives Mang0 some time to mentally prepare for the event but fans feel this may be Mang0's way of retiring from the competitive side of Melee. 


Many applauded Mang0 for coming forward with such honesty about his performance and mindset. While some Smash players are ridiculed for being so open about their frustrations, a lot of Smash fans seemed to empathize with Mang0, understanding why someone may "break" from exhaustion after competing for so long. It's possible that Mang0 is experiencing burnout. 


William "Leffen" Hjelte responded to Mang0's tweet with concern as well. He tweeted that a "break is needed" when players feel this negatively about competing. Mang0 responded: "Fuck you." 



A lot of fans have also wondered if Mang0 wants to switch to full-time streaming. Streaming and content creation have proven to be lucrative for many top players, including Hungrybox and Mang0 himself.


When the infamous Twitch leaks came out last year, it was revealed that Mang0 made $400K annually from subs and donations. On the other hand, Mang0 lost a lot of subs from going to Genesis 8 and Pound. 


So far, Mang0 hasn't shared any more information about his Melee career. 


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