Sentinels don’t sign sinatraa to VALORANT roster


Jay "sinatraa" Won's hope of returning to Sentinels after being suspended from pro VALORANT play appears to be dashed. 


Sentinels announced a roster change on April 22 that most likely means sinatraa won't be rejoining the talented VALORANT team after all. sinatraa's fans were expecting the talented FPS pro to return to the Sentinels roster earlier in April when he declared his return to the competitive scene. But Sentinels has now signed Eric "Kanpeki" Xu, completing its roster. 



Sentinels has been steadily proving itself in the VALORANT scene with a recent top four at Nerd Street Gamers' Winter Championship. That was before Kanepki joined, meaning fans are now anticipating an even more impressive showing. Kanepki is friends with fellow Sentinels' player Tyson "TenZ" Ngo, a very talented VALORANT pro that joined Sentinels when sinatraa was suspended last year. 


While fans are excited to see Sentinels' performance, the most buzzed-about part of the new roster signing still revolves around sinatraa. With Sentinels' roster complete, it seems that sinatraa won't be rejoining his previous team. 


sinatraa announced on April 14 that Riot Games emailed him to inform the pro he was allowed back into competitive play. This was met with rejoice and applause from sinatraa's fans, with many asking what his plans were. At the time, sinatraa stated that he was hoping to rejoin the Sentinels as his top choice. 


But not everyone was pleased with Riot Games' decision. The esports community at large was in an uproar all over social media, demanding to know why sinatraa was allowed to compete again despite his decision to not cooperate with the investigation and lying to Riot Games multiple times. His ex-girlfriend Cleo tweeted that she emailed Riot Games to question why this was allowed, stating that she wasn't about to let sinatraa get away with this behavior. 


sinatraa had been previously suspended following allegations of sexual and mental abuse from Cleo. This included forcing her to have sexual intercourse multiple times, something Cleo had a partial audio recording of. sinatraa claimed at the time to have proof of his innocence but never provided it to Riot Games when asked. 


After seeing the community's response to sinatraa's return, Riot Games issued a statement on social media that claimed the initial email was a mistake. Riot Games explained that sinatraa wasn't allowed to compete after all and that he had to go through the previously required training he'd somehow bypassed. 



While sinatraa isn't currently competing for Sentinels, he's still part of the esports organization despite the ongoing controversy. There is no official statement from sinatraa on what he plans to do next. 

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