Riot Games takes back decision to let sinatraa compete in VALORANT Champions Tour


After an immense backlash from the esports community, Riot Games have reverted their decision to let Jay "sinatraa" Won return to the competitive VALORANT scene in a statement made by President John Needham Friday. 


On April 14, the Competitive Operations Team became aware of an email sent by a team member to sinatraa that "incorrectly" stated that the player could return to competition without completing his professional conduct training. This was something that his former girlfriend, Cleo, brought up in a tweet yesterday, appalled that her alleged former sexual abuser was being given special treatment. 


"We have informed Mr. Won that contrary to that communication, and in accordance with the competitive ruling, he is required to undergo professional conduct training," the statement from Needham continued. "We have begun working with Mr. Won to complete his training." 


This training apparently includes conducting himself "as a professional," complying with Riot Games' rules and regulations, and — most notably — complying with investigations. According to the previous statement from Riot Games, sinatraa had blatantly lied to the ones conducting the investigation and refused to provide the proof of innocence he previously claimed he would share. 


"The allegations made in this matter are among the most significant that can be levied against an individual and we take all such claims extremely seriously," Needham said. 



In the statement, Needham apologized to the VALORANT community for what he called a "mistake" on Riot Games' end. He added that there was now an investigation into the individuals who were involved in sending the incorrect email. 


Still, many gamers were not convinced. Instead of an alleged blunder by an individual employee, a lot of people in the esports community seemed to believe that Needham was backtracking on a previously made decision and merely doing "damage control" after seeing how fans reacted to the company's decision to let sinatraa play again.


Sinatraa hasn't responded to this update publicly. 

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