The strategy changes depending on the conditions - A summary of victory conditions


My first impression was that this game is a casual one. I was wrong. As the game progresses further, more varying objectives come up, requiring players to think more strategically the further they get. Although a game like this can become quite tedious due to repeated patterns, Knights Fall provides a new challenge from one chapter to the next with different terrain, objects, and conditions that stimulate the player’s desire to go further.

You need to use different tactics for each of the objectives, which can be escape, eliminate the target, or defend. For instance, you need to use charging soldiers and precisely-timed items in the object-less boss stage. On the other hand, if you are playing the chapter that requires to kill an enemy at the certain location, you do need to check where objects are placed in order to kill the target. In the case of a mission where only one soldier can become stealthed, you need to shoot him in a direction where he won’t meet the enemy.

As mentioned before, the different victory conditions change the way you play the game. Therefore, it would be good to know how to effectively use the soldiers and objects in the game.

Vanquish the mighty orc! Eliminate the enemy commander

This is the most basic victory condition in Knights Fall. The commander has higher HP than other normal orcs, and is usually located behind obstacles or shield soldiers, making it difficult to reach and eliminate.

Thus, it is important to use charging soldiers in order to clear this type of chapter. They are stronger than normal soldiers, and you can ignore the cooldown of shooting soldiers if you keep pressing the shoot button. They are also quite efficient when used all at once to maximize the effect of cross objects or spring objects.

▲ A tactic using all charging soldiers to increase efficiency of the cannon


One thing that should be a priority is looking out for special objects near the enemy commander. Some enemies can’t be hurt normally, so finding a bomb or spring object can help you take care of them. There are sometimes healing monsters that constantly regenerate the commander’s health in certain chapters, so it is best to eliminate them first.

▲ Sometimes, you need to kill enemies around the boss first.


Fast reaction and charging soldiers are crucial! Protect the target

You are given a large amount of soldiers in the chapter where you must protect a target, and many orcs charge to the target. Players have to shoot soldiers to cut off the enemy’s advance while using the charging soldiers to take down the enemy commander. If you think the chapter will be easy based on the number of given soldiers you can shoot, you might need to think again. The health of the target drains very quickly when the enemy commander approaches, so you need to be cautious.


Send a small amount of soldiers to the safety point - Stealth and Escape

There is a chapter where you must lead a small amount of soldiers to a certain location. There are various objects along the way, and thorn shield soldiers even appear sometimes. Be careful as you may lose your soldiers in an instant.


In particular, you need extreme caution in the stealth chapter mission which gives you only one soldier to play. The soldier may face the enemy along the way, and he can be killed with only 3 shots. You need to adjust the gauge in order to avoid the enemy or make sure you only encounter 2 orcs at maximum.

▲ Be careful to not touch 3 enemies


The reason why you need to save items! Eliminate the mighty boss

The difficulty level of boss chapters in Knights Fall is quite high, as you’ll most certainly need items in order to clear the chapter. All bosses have their own distinct HP, attack patterns, and weaknesses. However, they are similar in that they all use an AoE attack on the entrance where the soldier come out from. You may lose all charging soldiers if the timing is not right, so do be careful with that.

▲ A pattern of directly attacking soldiers. Do not use charging soldiers at this moment.


Unlike in the target protection mission, where there are obstacles or objects that soldiers can use to bounce off of, there are no objects in the boss stages. Therefore, it is crucial to deal as much damage to the boss’ weakness when said boss approaches either the left or right wall, otherwise it will be quite difficult to complete.

▲ Use charging soldiers to give as much damage as possible when the boss is nearby the wall


You can have one of 3 items from the chest that appears in the chapter, and you can also obtain some from the daily free item wheel or get one as a reward for achieving 3 stars. It is recommended to save items for the boss chapters, since they’re pretty high in HP and difficulty.

▲ 'Thunderbolt' is quite effective against the boss monster


Use the spring, and smash the gold chests! Bonus Chapter

You can enter the bonus chapter after defeating the boss. This chapter consists of spring objects and gold chests and easy enough for you to complete it with just a few soldiers. If you are looking to go for the 3 stars achievement, you need to smash all the chests that appear on the map. It is important to distribute soldiers appropriately as the road diverges into many others.

▲ A chapter smashing gold chests. The appropriate distribution of soldiers is the key.

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