SKT T1 Peanut: "We prepared surprise picks and have some left which we might be able to show in MSI"


Wangho ‘Peanut’ Han is the powerful and aggressive jungler for SKT T1. Known for his outstanding mechanics and keen judgement, he has left many opponents baffled in his wake. During the 2017 LCK Spring Split finals match between SKT T1 and KT Rolster, he delivered great gameplay, proving that he truly is one tough nut to crack. We sat down with the new MVP and spoke about his match and bit about himself.

Hello, I am Wangho ‘Peanut’ Han, a jungler for SKT T1.

Q. How did you feel about your victory?

This was the place where I wanted to prove myself, and I tried my best since I can never know when another opportunity like this will come in my life. When we had 15 days left until the match, I trained until 5 in the morning. Also, because I used to be underweight, I tried hard to work out and gain weight, and I think I was able to win because of all that effort I made.

Q. How was today’s match overall?

At first, I expected to win by 3:1, but I changed my mind and thought we could win by 3:0 when we won the 1st set. When we won 1st and 2nd set, well, KT beat SKT last year by 2 loses and 3 wins, and my coach and teammates kept reminding us of that, so we were able to win because of that.

Q. Did you expect to be chosen for MVP, and how do you feel?

Since this was the place where I wanted to prove myself, it’s a great honor to be MVP. It was great since it seems like I gained many things today. I didn’t really expect to be chosen for MVP; I think I got picked because I had a good KDA score and was able to play well with my teammate’s support in the 2nd and 3rd sets.

Q. Did you get to talk to Smeb before and after the match? And what did you two talk about?

I don’t think I’d have met him today. Normally, I would go and say hi. I was going to go and say hi a while ago, but they said he was in the middle of getting ready for the match, and since today was the finals, he could be talking about the drafts with his teammates, so I decided not to go see him before the match unless we met by coincidence. After the match, Smeb came to talk to me when I was waiting for the ceremony behind the stage. He made jokes and said things like, ‘you worked hard,’ or ‘you did well.’ I wasn’t going to, you know, act all awkward or anything, and didn’t think he’d do that either, but I still appreciate how he treated me just as he usually does.

Q. Were there any difficulties from the moment you joined the team until now?

There were a lot of times things that hit me a bit hard. They all became memories because we won. I think there were some more hard times, but I don’t really talk about them.

Q. Any difference between before and after joining SKT T1?

I think the feedback for my gameplay is quite different from what I used to get. Because last year, my teammates were high-level players and we all were close, so we weren’t really harsh with each other, but as for SKT, there’s nothing like that. We all are friends but we are still very straightforward with each other. I think that has helped me a lot with my victories this season.

Q. I heard that there are more surprise picks you haven’t shown yet, are there more you have prepared?

We had many surprise picks this time. We also prepared surprise picks for the 4th and 5th set, which we didn’t get to show, and as for those, I think we can do something with them in MSI.

Q. Do you guys get to go on a vacation? And how will you be spending it?

Yes… After the Spring Split, starting from tomorrow, we get about 2~3 days of vacation. I kind of got worn out from seeing my friends over the vacation, and there isn’t really anyone I’d like to meet right now, so I’ll probably be on my own. I will make it through this vacation somehow.

Q. Is fishing still a hobby of yours?

I wanted to go fishing last time, but I didn’t go as it’s hard to do in the winter. It gets a lot more cold at night. People who go fishing at winter would know, but it’s really hard. I heard that it’s usually nice to go fishing in autumn. So that's why I didn't go then. Next time, if I’m lucky, I will get to go fishing with someone else.

Q. What’s your resolution for this year?

As our coach said, to win at every match.

Q. What’s your resolution for MSI?

I find it really fun and enjoyable to play at tournaments overseas, and I can’t believe that I get to go to another one not too long after the last. I thought about it and I think I get to go once more because I tried my best. I will be able stay there longer if I win, so I will try to win- I really want to stay there for a long time.

Q. You have so many fans overseas! Any words for them?

I hope you will support me this time as well. I moved from ROX Tigers to SKT T1, so I hope you still like and support me.

‘Thank you for cheering often?’

Q. Any last words?

I have so much to say… But they won’t come out in words on such short notice. I guess I should have prepared for this. As I said before, I played until 5 in the morning. During the queue time, I watched ‘Misaeng’ (Korean drama) from episode 1 to 20, and it was really great. I haven’t experienced working at a Korean company yet, so I don’t know if it’s realistic or not, but anyway, I found it enjoyable since it was something I hadn’t gone through yet.

And I would also like to thank my P.T. and my fans for their support.

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