100 Abbedagge after win over TL: "When there's pressure for me to step up, that's when I show up"


Defending LCS champions 100 Thieves have qualified for their second consecutive domestic final after a reverse sweep of Team Liquid in the upper bracket of the 2022 Spring Playoffs. The comeback victory had an exceptionally dramatic finish with 100 mid laner Felix "Abbedagge" Braun utilizing Twisted Fate to backdoor TL's nexus to win the game during a fight around the dragon pit. 


After qualifying for his second LCS final, Abbedagge spoke to Inven Global about 100 Thieves' reverse sweep over Team Liquid, playing against Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg in the post-season, and his level of play in recent weeks.



How are you feeling after such an insane ending to that series?


It feels so amazing to do this with my team after coming to NA. It's a great feeling to achieve this and I hope that I can continue to accomplish things and have that same feeling a lot more times in my career.


Could you walk me through the call to backdoor the nexus to win the series? You had tried to do it first a few minutes prior before succeeding the second time.


We just knew we had a global ability and we were trying to make them choose between Dragon Soul and their nexus. We tried to make the map wide-open so we could pressure the base while also getting drake, and once we saw they committed five men to the drake, we just played to cancel their recalls since the nexus was open and I could end the game on TF.



Was there something that 100 Thieves adjusted to after the first two games that allowed you to reverse sweep today?


The whole team was pretty disappointed with our first two games because we felt like we didn't play like ourselves. We just told ourselves, "Hey guys, we have to step it up and play to our normal level, and we've got this." Everyone kind of reset, and from there, we took every game as its own step. We thought that if we could minimize our mistakes, we could take every game against TL.


It felt like Bjergsen played better in this series than he has all season thus far, but you were still able to triumph. Was your game plan in the mid lane to challenge him, or just neutralize him while playing for the team?


I didn't know what to expect from him in playoffs. I didn't know if he was going to play champions like LeBlanc, for example, but I was fine to just handshake any matchup because I can match him easily. The first two games didn't quite work out like that, and I personally played very poorly. However, once I stepped it up, it felt like I had control over the mid lane, and that ultimately helped our team a lot in taking games 3 and 4 decisively.


Source: Riot Games


The analyst desk has spoken extensively about how you've really leveled up since the last week of the Spring Split. What would you attribute this to, if you agree with that sentiment?


I'm honestly not sure. I feel like I just have problems with consistency sometimes. I know what I'm capable of, but during the regular season, I was very inconsistent. I couldn't really find my strengths, so it looked very inconsistent. I think I've kind of figured out my recipe for success. When there's pressure for me to step up, that's when I show up. That's how it's always been in my career.


I think I took the regular season too lightly with the way I practice and with my mindset. I've tried to put focus into that in terms of finding the strong performances even when it doesn't matter as much in the regular season. I don't know, though, I haven't quite figured it out yet honestly. We've struggled as a team as well. We had a slump, and I feel like I kind of slumped individually as well. *laughs* Honestly, I don't know what else to say.


Where would you put your current individual level of play in context of your career?


I feel like I've had better peaks before, so I'm honestly not sure.


Is there anything you want to say to the 100 Thieves fans after this exciting win?


It definitely helped to have their support, so I really appreciate that. The fans are amazing. They kept cheering us up; even after game 2, they were still cheering for us and calling out our names when we came back to the stage. That definitely gave us some good energy to make this reverse sweep possible.

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