D.Va confirmed as newest hero to enter the Nexus.

As seen in the exclusive cinematic reveal during the Heroes 2.0 launch event, our prediction was proven to be true! D.Va is the newest hero to enter Heroes of the Storm. True to her root as a tank, she will enter the Nexus as a warrior.

Although details of her kit are still unknown, it is an important detail that her out-of-mech model is presented so clearly. This all but confirms her playstyle being built around two modes of play, one being out of mech and the other being fully suited up.

After the reveal, it was hinted that her some of her Overwatch abilities were seen in the cinematic as she battled Diablo. We can assume then, that D.va has her signature flying mobility, machine guns, and possibly the ability to have other heroes ride on top of her while she moves around. That last part is a reach, but anything is possible in the Nexus. 

▲ Genji riding on top of D.Va. Possible ability?


Alongside this announcement, details on the Nexus Challenge 2.0 were also announced. The four week event will offer free loot boxes in both Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm as long as you and a friend play 5 games in either quick match, unranked or ranked mode. To help out the absolute beginners, the first week of rewards will be obtainable by playing any game mode.


Orochi Genji skins (in both games) as well as exclusive icons, sprays, and portraits are just some of the rewards players can expect. Overwatch fans can enjoy a brand new Officer D.Va skin available in both games as well.

However, the biggest reward comes during week four, the final week of the event. Any player who has completed all subsequent weeks tasks will be awarded 10 loot boxes in both Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm after playing 5 games with a friend.

Full details of the Nexus Challenge 2.0 available on this official video

And if this wasn’t enough, the Heroes team has been sending out real life loot boxes to Heroes community members and contributors!


With Genji and D.Va released side by side, it’s hard to imagine a future that doesn’t include a massive number of Overwatch players flocking to Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard has always been skilled at drumming up hype for their announcements, but the “surprise” D.Va reveal after essentially tricking the community with their previous cinematic teaser, has left some community members in pleasant disbelief.

What do you think?

Are these incentives enough to get you playing Heroes of the Storm, or are you already a dedicated player? Let us know what you think about the Heroes 2.0 launch in the comments below.

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