Esports community questions Dafran's apology to sinatraa's former girlfriend


The esports community has largely shown frustration with the return of Jay "sinatraa" Won following sexual assault allegations from his former girlfriend. Many have voiced concern with how warm of a welcome sinatraa received from other pro players — and questioned why Riot would give him the chance to compete again at all. 


Even Daniel "Dafran" Francesca, who stood by sinatraa's side throughout the entire investigation, decided to tweet in support of his ex. This was a shocking tweet for the esports community, who wondered if he truly was sincere about his dramatic change of heart. Previously, Dafran had ranted about anyone who spoke out against sinatraa, even calling out esports organizations that called sinatraa guilty. 


But now, Dafran has apologized for calling the victim a liar. He stated that she should have showed her support, admitting that "coming out like that is not easy." Dafran said he will be better in the future, ending with "I am sorry." 



sinatraa's ex girlfriend Cleo was one of the people to show surprise in Dafran's tweet. Along with others in the gaming community, Cleo accused Dafran of wanting to "get back in the good graces of the Overwatch community" with Overwatch 2 coming out. 


"100% genuine. I have read numerous tweets, talked to people, and today I had a discussion with content creators. They made me understand. Showing support for the victims coming out is extremely important for the future of stories like yours and of course, you and your story," Dafran replied to her. 


In response, Cleo thanked him for the apology, noting that he had unblocked her just to say this. Some applauded the conversation, stating that Dafran had been showing growth over the past few months. Others questioned why it wasn't private. 



But one person pointed out a glaring issue with Dafran's apology. Apparently, Dafran had replied with "Big! <3" when sinatraa announced his return to VALORANT after the "forced" break from the game's competitive scene. Cleo acknowledged Dafran's tweet as well. Another Twitter user said that it needed to be addressed. 



For now, it's difficult to say if Dafran's apology is sincere. Growth is possible but recent actions make this claim hard to trust. Meanwhile, Dafran has been tweeting about his farming adventures as well as Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's relationship. 

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