Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict - Guide to raising your CP


In some ways, increasing your CP is a tricky task while you're on your journey through Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict. At the same time, though, it is also one of the most crucial. CP is very important in garnering respect from other players that you may come into conflict with, as well as being an attractive candidate for joining an alliance.  A good amount of CP shows to others you're worth your salt in-game and is something that a newer player can fairly quickly accumulate. Though you start out with a fairly low base amount, taking the right steps can quickly build up your CP to great levels. Here are the best strategies for raising your CP.

Building and upgrading ships

One of the best and most simple ways of raising your CP is through building ships. Of course, developing a strong fleet is already one of the important cornerstones to doing well in the game, so there are multiple incentives for doing so. You can't do so carelessly, though.


Since there is a cap on the number of ships you can have, try for the highest tier ships possible — Tier IX's Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer or Tier X's Independence Class Frigate are, of course, excellent choices. It's all about balancing building the highest-tier ships possible while also getting rid of your lower-tier ships for space.


The highest-tier ships in the game are obviously difficult to obtain, so in the meantime, what you can also do is level up your existing ships. Ways to level up your ships are simple: fight with them or use ship XP items. The tier VIII Seawolf Class Submarine is a great choice in this matter, as you won’t be able to proceed further without a LOT of titanium. 


When you level up your ships, they’ll reach limits at Lv. 5, 10, 20, and so on. You’ll need to limit break them using another ship of the same tier to get beyond these limits. Each limit break gives the ship bonus stats per level up. There’s a chance that you’ll get extra XP depending on how successful the limit break was.


Another way to increase your CP through ships is upgrading their traits. Each ship has upgradable traits. The number of upgrades is limited, and each upgrade requires resources including titanium, so make sure to be careful of what you upgrade. If you want to add more traits to your ship, you can get more distribution points from the research lab.

Building and upgrading jets


Jets are another great choice when it comes to raising your CP. Again — quality over quantity. While Legendary jets are obviously the most beneficial in this regard, they require much more resources than the other choices. Going for one of the Epic types like the F-16FF, Flanker 33, or Super F-18H is the most effective option. Although it’s cheaper than upgrading Legendaries, upgrading Epic jets is quite an expensive business, so going for jet upgrades to increase your CP will cost you quite a fortune.


Upgrading jets are different from upgrading ships — they don’t gain XP from combats. The only way to upgrade them is by leveling them up with more blueprints and resources. Probability comes into play when you upgrade your jets. If an upgrade fails, there’s a chance that your jet will go down a level. If you fail an upgrade twice on the same jet, your next upgrade will be 100% successful.


When you upgrade your jets, you want to aim to activate the skills of the jet. Rare and Epic jets gain skills at Lv. 3, 5, and 7, and Legendary jets gain an extra skill at Lv. 20. The jets' skills can be upgraded using Jet Skill Cores and titanium, which can also increase your CP.

Building AFVs and missiles

The AFVs and Missiles are expendables in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict. Obviously, AFVs are essential in taking over bases, but many of them get destroyed in the process. Missiles are designed to defend your base. They come in handy in defending Strike Groups and attacks from other admirals.


Increasing your CP through AFVs is the same as jets or ships — it’s just that it doesn’t increase as much as you’d think. Like jets or ships, it’s quality over quantity. Higher-tier AFVs are always better to increase your CP.


Missiles are only used in defending your base, but they’re great for increasing your CP. The build time for Missiles is very short, so you should build them whenever you can. Through this, you’ll be able to stably increase your CP, but when the Missiles are spent when your base is under siege, your CP will decrease.

Research upgrades


Upgrading research is another source of increasing your CP. Although it may not seem that your CP increases much from the research, it can increase the overall stats by percentage — jets, ships, AFVs, etc. all get stronger through research. These additional stats come in handy in increasing your CP, so make sure to keep your research lab running.

Building upgrades

Upgrading your buildings on a regular basis is a crucial strategy in the game, and a great way to increase your CP. It may seem like it will happen naturally, but it will take conscious effort to do it in the most effective way possible. Of course, you'll build up your HQ fairly quickly, but make sure to focus on upgrading other buildings well — even the less important ones. 

Aircraft carrier upgrades 


Aircraft carriers are another effective choice for raising your CP. You don’t need to upgrade all the aircraft carriers at once — you need to focus on one aircraft carrier that you’ll be using often. Obviously, higher-tier aircraft carriers are always better, but the Elizabeth or Nimitz are beyond reach for many people.


Upgrading the aircraft carriers can always increase your CP, but if you switch your aircraft carrier to another one, it’ll go away. The module upgrades are also useful to increase your CP as the common buffs are effective all the time.

Strengthening your Admiral

This may seem obvious, but it's easy to overlook with all the different aspects of the game. One way of strengthening your admiral is distributing your ability points to gain Admiral abilities. The other way is crafting and equipping the equipment. 


Equipment in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict might just be the endgame content. Obtaining craft material isn’t always easy — you need to take down many Armadas or buy material boxes from the daily shop. Also, while the higher-tier equipment is difficult to craft, the equipment can get destroyed while attempting to upgrade them.


Still, equipping good equipment is a great way to increase your CP. There are packages in the shop that can supply you good equipment, so if you need them, purchasing them can be a good choice.


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