[BDO] Musa PvP video guide with additional tips for 1v1 against other classes

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*Original Guide from BDO Inven KR by 죽순이



The Musa is neither a nuker nor a tank. However, he has a lot of gap-closers, so he is often expected to break into the enemy formation and break their ranks.

You should only use Stub Arrow for 1-on-1s, and you should be carrying your Crescent Blade when facing off against more enemies. However, Stub Arrow can be an option if an enemy is caught alone or is trying to use a skill with casting time.

If that's the case, you can hotkey Stub Arrow, which will cause you to switch weapons and fire an arrow immediately.



Similarly, hotkeying Projection will also cause you to switch weapons into your Crescent Blade and cast Projection afterwards.



Also, if you want to disable an enemy quickly, you'll want to cast Crosscut and follow it up with Counter Assassination, which will cause CA to be cast without the usual delay.



Fiery Crevice will also be cast quickly when used to follow up Crosscut.

Blind Thrust with your Blade will give you +30% crit chance for 10 seconds, and Spinner with your Crescent Blade will give you +10% attack speed for 10 seconds.

Casting skills with these buffs will give you an edge not only during PvE but also PvP; However, trying to cast Spinner after casting Crosscut will come with a long delay - IF YOU STEP LEFT.

Also, pressing Space Bar while casting Blind Thrust will cause you to charge forward, similar to Dragon Bite.



Continuing with Blind Thrust, you'll want to cast Blind Thrust before using Projection with 100% Black Spirit meter in order to maximize its effect. If you have time, that is.

Casting Projection with some gap between you and the enemy will cause it to deal more damage, as it will cause the enemy to be caught in both effects of the skill.

Chaining [Crosscut - Flow: Back Flow] into [Crosscut - Twister] will not cause the enemy to be CCed, because hitting with the same type of CC comes with diminishing returns.

Below the Belt is a very good opener, but it comes with a huge risk as getting CCed during wind-up will cause you to be knocked back.



[Below the Belt - Crust Crusher - Flow: Foul Play - Flow: Backflow]

This will be your go-to combo from Level 59. You might want to swap Flow: Foul Play with Crosscut if you’re going against multiple enemies.

Casting Flow: Backflow from Foul Play is done by casting Flow: Backflow and not letting go of Shift while casting Crust Crusher.

Let's take a step further.



You can use Crust Crusher right after Fiery Angel to trigger Firey Crevice, but a lot of players already know how to deal with this combo. I recommend the Fiery Angel - Backflow combo. You basically use Flow: Backflow while you are walking with Fiery Angel. I call this a mind game because, when you just walk past the enemy while using Fiery Angel, the enemy gets lost going like, "what is this person doing." This is especially true when it comes to classes that use guards while standing still like Maehwa and Tamer. This might not be true in all cases, but I personally benefitted quite a lot from this tactic. CC your opponents while they panic and land additional hits to subdue them.


Class Matchups

Ranger - The Ranger is an underdog to both the Blader and Plum. If a Ranger tries to snipe you, just close the gap and hit them Below the Belt. (Of course, you might be half-dead by the end of the process if your defense is too low.)

If a Ranger suddenly jumps, that means she is trying to switch into melee range, which you should counter with either Stub Arrow (with enough distance), [Crosscut - Counter Assassination], or Below the Belt while trying to keep a certain distance, otherwise you risk being grabbed.

Sorceress - As long as you can avoid her Dream of Doom, she'll be helpless against your trusty Stub Arrow. If her Violation is on cooldown, you are safe to close the gap… She'll likely follow up with Grim Reaper's Judgment, which can subsequently be countered by your Crust Crusher.

A good Sorceress will try to cast Judgment behind you, but you can simply walk backwards towards her and either block or deal more damage to her.

More importantly, casting Violation will cause her to be defenseless to attacks from behind, so just look for that opportunity to CC her to death.

Giant - Just avoid being grabbed and pray that the Giant isn't better farmed than you. You will end up winning if your stats are more or less the same.

Warrior - You have to be very careful when closing in on him, and if your Musa's Soul is on cooldown, don't even think about fighting him. Unfortunately, all of this will be useless if he is better farmed than you - Don't try to fight him if you have the feeling that he is.

- You'll either love it or hate it, but it will certainly come down to your items and/or micro. Just remember to look for an opportunity to counter with Stub Arrow when the enemy tries to close the gap on you.

Dark Knight - The new hotness. Pray that she isn't too skilled (in which case you can take her on pretty easily) otherwise she is pretty hard to fight against.

Witch - Get Souled up and try to keep calm while countering her skills with Counter Assassination. If you feel that she is better farmed than you, try to keep your distance and Stub Arrow her. If she hides behind a rock...Well, try to find someone else to fight.

Wizard - His grab is a major threat, so use Stub Arrow while trying to catch him from behind. Since the Wizard and Witch can heal up, try to finish them off with a single combo of: [Crosscut - CA - Projection].

- Her charging skill is pretty fast, and she will consume her Heilang to be buffed. I'll use the video below to explain, since it's too complicated to explain in words.



Maehwa - Apparently she is stronger than us after the recent patches. Since we have Stub Arrow and the Plum can guard, we have to be the aggressor in the fight. If the Plum is guarding, get behind her through Crosscut and stun her with Counter Assassination. If that fails, you still have Twister. If that fails too, you still have Below the Belt left. Just be careful to block her charging skill, as it will hurt a lot if you don't.

Ninja - Be careful not to get grabbed, and try to not get Serpent Ascensioned, since it will kill you if the Ninja farmed well. Just do your usual combo and it won't be a problem. Besides, there's no need to worry about Serpent Ascension since we have super armor.

Kunoichi - Honestly? I've hardly met her. What I remember from her is that she was continuously slashing forward with her Chakram...so I just caught her from behind and CCed as usual. I have no other words, really.


Below are additional combo videos for those that may want to further diversify their attacks.


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