Hungrybox speaks on controversial long match against lloD: "The objective is to win"



Cody "iBDW" Schwab's online Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament, GIGASCHWAB 3, made waves across Twitter Monday for having the longest grand finals match in history. The best-of-5 went on for 1 hour and 20 minutes, breaking records and causing a lot of controversy in the Smash community. 


Arjun "lloD" Malhotra and Juan "Hungrybox" Debiedma faced off in the finals in a Peach vs. Jugglypuff battle that was already assumed to be a tough one before it even began. But nobody could have predicted just how insane the match would truly get. lloD won in the end but the victory didn't come without some incredibly difficult challenges and a soured aftermath. 



lloD tweeted soon after the victory that he was glad so many Smash players watched the grand finals so they could see how "abysmal" the matchup really is. The player further said — visibly frustrated by HBox's persistent "camping" — that Jigglypuff should auto-lose all timeouts.



Such strong opinions are bound to cause a rift among players and fans, and this one was no exception. lloD himself said that this "would make the game more interactive. The current ruleset lets Puff abuse the timer by not interacting which is very unhealthy for the metagame." 


Others didn't see it that way. Some said lloD was just salty for having to play a hard match-up, which he didn't have to to begin with, and the ruleset shouldn't change because of the issues with Jigglypuff specifically. Others felt that there's no need for a dramatic ruleset change to begin with because lloD in the end, proving it's not impossible to beat a camping Jigglypuff.


Hungrybox himself was just tired. 



Hungrybox told Inven Global that he has been "losing a good bit" recently and wanted to change up his approach to the game. Hungrybox concluded that the new playstyle was successful but also quite stressful for him. Still, it was a valid strategy. 


"The objective is to win given the rules of the tourney — as long as you do that then, in my eyes, you've earned a win," Hungrybox told me. "Melee is a very difficult game. Given 20 years, people are doing whatever it takes to win." 


As the discussion continued on Twitter, lloD again urged TOs to consider trying out the rule against Jigglypuff but to avoid lowering the timer. This is a topic that lloD has talked about before



One Melee god, in particular, seems to be on lloD's side. It seemed like Leffen may even agree with lloD on the matter. William "Leffen" Hjelte replied to lloD's final tweet, saying that everyone who is upset about Jigglypuff getting nerfed should also want wobbling to be legal.


So far, neither iBDW, nor any other TO in the Smash scene has stated that they will make any such changes to the ruleset. 

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