Guide: All the AFVs in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict


The ships and jets seem to do the majority of battles in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict, but to conquer or defend the bases, you’ll need the help of the armored fighting vehicles — AFVs. The AFVs may not be as cool and flashy as the ships and jets, but they’re just as important.


The AFVs are subdivided into IFVs (Infantry Fighting Vehicle), tanks, and SPGs (Self-Propelled Gun). IFVs are balanced between attack and defense, tanks have strong armor and durability while lacking attack power, and SPGs have long-range capabilities but are more vulnerable to attacks.



The IFVs are all-rounders that can both attack and defend. They are placed in the second row in battles, behind the tanks. As you can see, their basic stats are well-balanced. In the end, the tier 10 AFV in IFV 1128 excels in all stats — it’ll be all you need to build.


Tier I — M113

Attack - 10

Armor - 18

Durability - 48


Tier IV — BMP-2

Attack - 18

Armor - 24

Durability - 88


Tier VII — Bradley

Attack - 38

Armor - 36

Durability - 168


Tier X — IFV 1128

Attack - 84

Armor - 62

Durability - 354



The tanks are, well, tanky. They’re responsible for the front line of the battles, enduring enemy attacks, and protecting the other AFVs. Their attack stats are noticeably low, so don’t ever go with just tanks when you attack higher Armada Bases.


Tier II — T-55

Attack - 5

Armor - 23

Durability - 60


Tier V — M60

Attack - 9

Armor - 30

Durability - 110


Tier VIII — Leo2A5

Attack - 19

Armor - 45

Durability - 210



The SPGs, also known as artillery, will be furthest away from the main battles of the AFVs, dealing damage through their long range. Their armor and durability stats are close to nothing, so you need to make sure that you have other tanks or IFVs to guard them.


Tier III — M110

Attack - 20

Armor - 9

Durability - 24


Tier VI — Paladin109

Attack - 36

Armor - 12

Durability - 44


Tier IX — K-9 Thunder

Attack - 76

Armor - 18

Durability - 84


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