Doublelift calls Tarik "gigachad" for condemning JasonR's sexist behavior


Earlier in the year, VALORANT streamer JasonR was accused of purposefully dodging matches with female teammates. At the time, JasonR denied this behavior, claiming his connection dropped and he was booted from all of those games. Pro VALORANT player Annie Dro accused him of "manipulating and gaslighting" his audience. 


Now, other prominent gamers have decided to speak up against JasonR, including his friend Tarik, a former CSGO pro. During a March 26 broadcast, the two streamers wound up in a VALORANT game together and the chat started to get heated. JasonR called Tarik an "L friend," accusing him of not standing up for him amidst the controversy. 


"You chose to stay silent," JasonR said. "You have defended and shut down and banned certain people, but you have not gone out and told people and given a character witness of me. ”


Tarik held his ground, responding that there was "undeniable, indisputable evidence" that JasonR had avoided women on purpose in VALORANT. He said that playing games with JasonR made it seem like he supported the behavior. 


"I don’t know why you do it – it’s your personal reason, your private matter but I don’t agree with it and I think it is weird," Tarik said. 



Tarik added that he hasn't been going out of his way to talk badly about JasonR. He has stayed silent on the matter but doesn't want to be associated with the behavior himself. JasonR questioned why Tarik would let people talk badly about him despite being his friend. He said that he even faced death threats and was mad his friend "didn't have his back." 


Tarik responded that he did not condone the threats JasonR was getting online and said he didn't deserve it. But he concluded that JasonR's behavior was "not normal." This caused JasonR to bring up how others had stood up for him yet his good friend was remaining silent, which apparently was Tarik "being a girl about it."


At this point, Tarik threw up his hands in dismay. The two agreed by the end of the long argument that it was going nowhere. 


Veteran League of Legends player Doublelift saw all of the drama going down and decided to stick up for Tarik. Doublelift explained that JasonR's behavior was sexist no matter how he tried to get out of it, seemingly annoyed with others in the community for standing by JasonR. 


"I have a lot of respect to Tarik for being a gigachad," Doublelift said. 



Doublelift's take on the matter had many in the community nodding in approval. Some, however, pointed out that JasonR was allegedly avoiding women to respect his wife. Leena Xu, who previously joked that Doublelift would only be playing with women, said that JasonR's wife is sexist too in that case. 


Another responded that the "wife excuse" was not sitting right with him since JasonR allegedly "likes lewds" of other women on social media. It didn't seem to make sense that he would do that yet avoid female gamers in VALORANT. 



While the debate continues, many have been happy to see prominent figures in the gaming world condemn JasonR's behavior as sexist. 

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