Scenes from GDC 2022: How did GDC look in the pandemic era?

On Mar 24, some of us at Inven had a chance to fly out to attend the 2022 Game Developers Conference. For some of the Korean journalists at Inven, it was not the first time visiting GDC. However, it was the first time returning to the event since the pandemic started, so there were a couple things they were curious about. Do people in the United States really not wear masks? Will there be just as many people at GDC like before? Will the wifi not blow up for once due to the large influx of people?


After submitting a whole bunch of documents to the government and a long plane ride later, our team of journalists arrived at San Francisco. Here are some of the scenes from GDC captured through their cameras.

In previous years, this place would've been packed

The biggest difference from previous years was that there were significantly less people at this year’s GDC. There were no large convention halls that filled up to the brim, to the point where people were outside the doors trying to peek into the lectures this year. Due to a lot less people attending this year, the size of the lecture halls were significantly smaller this year. 


Apart from that, people were interacting like they would in the pre-pandemic era. Other than the on-site staff advising the attendees to wear masks, not much has changed.

Various booths from France, Chile, Spain, and Switzerland were set up.
There were always spots to experience classic & retro games at GDC
Halo: Reach. A game from 2010 is already considered a classic/retro game...?
Puppies. Because why not.

The GDC expo took place on the basement floor, between the South and North Hall of the Moscone Center. There were booths set up by large companies like Unity and Amazon towards the South Hall, with a cafeteria located towards the North Hall.


The biggest attraction was the Wemade booth. Just with one glance, we were able to tell that they’ve put in a lot of effort this year. It’s safe to say that they were the biggest attraction of GDC 2022.

The Unity booth
The Wemade booth was the biggest attraction of this year’s expo

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