Twitch Streamer Destiny banned from Twitch

Twitch streamer Stephen "Destiny" Bonell ll was banned from the platform on Wednesday. The reason for the ban as of writing this article remains unknown.


While the official reason for the apparent ban is not known, some are speculating that he was banned after a Twitter account he is associated with called The Omni liberal used the N-word on Twitter Wednesday. The use of the N-word caused a significant amount of backlash on Twitter, that could very well have made its way over to Twitch staff who carried out a ban. However, Destiny's full relationship with that account is difficult to confirm.



Another theory being mentioned around is that he was banned for streaming with Nicholas Fuentes, a far-right white nationalist who is currently banned from Twitch. Destiny engaged in a debate with Fuentes last week. Twitch does not allow streamers to feature banned people on their platform, as it is considered a form of ban evasion.


A third theory is that he was banned over his online confrontations with trans streamer Keffals, who was reportedly hate raided this week and claimed that the source of the hate raid was Destiny.


Destiny is no stranger to being banned from the platform. He has been banned numerous times before for various reasons, ranging from showing explicit images of another streamer, to showing sexually explicit thumbnails, to sharing personal information of a Twitch employee on his stream. 


Destiny has not yet commented on his apparent Twitch ban, we will update this article as we learn more information.


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