Zackray leaving Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Pokemon Unite


One of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's top players has decided to take a break from the game. 


Zackray is considered the best R.O.B. player in the world. But the Japanese player is taking a break from Nintendo's fighting game. In a recent YouTube stream, Zackray told viewers that he is currently focusing on Pokemon Unite instead. 


The Pokemon Company recently revealed that Pokemon Unite would be included in the World Championship event coming in August. The major Pokemon tournament will be held in London along with the TCG, Pokken, and VGC.


Leading up to the event, Pokemon Unite teams will be able to compete in tournaments to qualify for the World Championship, including regional finals in June. According to Zackray, his Pokemon Unite team has most likely already qualified for the regional finals thanks to qualifier tournaments happening throughout 2022. 


Due to this schedule, Zackray state that he felt like shifting focus to Pokemon Unite at this time. It should also be noted that the Pokemon Unite tournament season has some pretty impressive cash on the line. The Championship Series has $1 million in prizes, including $500K at Worlds. This is not a number you'd see at a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament. 



Zackray isn't done with Ultimate altogether though. The top Joker player said that he's still motivated to play Ultimate and doesn't think a few months away from the game would really be a big deal. Zackray also brought up that he took a two-year break during the pandemic and emerged just fine. 


Zackray is thinking of attending Genesis, which is a big major in April. He was planning to skip it at first but after the Smash World Tour announced their schedule, Zackray is contemplating the idea of flying out. 


While Zackray's fans are sad to see him shift gears for the time being, nobody can blame him. Unlike Unite, Ultimate's competitive scene doesn't have a lot of support from its parent company, Nintendo. The prize pools are generally underwhelming. While many fans have joked about Zackray's obsession with Unite, it's clear that it's a smart career move to try and compete at Worlds. The Smash community pointed at Nintendo for losing Zackray, stating that the esport is a "joke" compared to other titles. 

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