Spanish-speaking streamer TheGrefg banned from Twitch for ban evasion

Spanish-speaking streamer TheGrefg was banned from Twitch on Tuesday, for featuring a banned streamer on his broadcast. TheGrefg is one of the most popular Spanish-speaking streamers in the world,  holding the top Twitch concurrent viewership record at over 2.5 million viewers. This is his second ban from Twitch.



While the reasons for his ban remain unconfirmed by Twitch, the streamer himself did confirm that he was banned for featuring a currently banned streamer who goes by Bruneger on his stream. Twitch doesn't allow streamers to feature currently banned streamers on their site, as it is considered a form of ban evasion according to the Twitch TOS.


Grefg explained on Twitter (translated): "I [want to] inform you that I have been banned from Twitch for 3 DAYS for the direct I did with Brunenger explaining his case and criticizing Twitch's ban policy. I knew I was taking a risk doing something like that and this is the punishment. I'll be back on Friday."



Brunenger was banned last March, and has remained banned for over a year now. Before his latest year-long ban, Brunenger had five other bans, which could have contributed to the length of this sixth ban. His length of the latest ban has not been explained by Twitch, leading to other Spanish-speaking streamers like Grefg and Ibai criticizing the lack of communication from Twitch about the reasons and length of Brunenger's ongoing ban. According to Ibai, Brunenger claimed the suspected reason for his ban was that his friend drew a penis live on stream, though this isn't the confirmed cause of his ban.


Fans of Grefg can expect his return to broadcast on Friday.

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