T1 Faker: "I think other pros also play mid Kai'Sa because they also realize that she’s fun to play."

On day 43 of the 2022 LCK Spring split, T1 defeated Liiv SANDBOX 2-1 in the first match of the day. With their victory, T1 went 17-0 in the regular split, and now only has one match left until they set a new record of going undefeated in the regular split of the LCK.


Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong joined the press room at LoL Park for a post-match victory.

Thoughts on going 17-0 and setting yet another milestone within the LCK?


Faker: I’m really happy that we kept the streak alive, and we want to finish the split off on a good note. We only have one match to win until we set a new record of going undefeated in the regular split, so it feels very special. Furthermore, it’ll be a good momentum pushin heading to the playoffs.


Gumayusi: I’m also happy that we’re 17-0, but we still have a match coming up, so we want to set the record of being undefeated. I think every team in the league wants to beat the current T1. Not only is DRX very good right now, there’s a chance we can also meet them in the playoffs, so the record will motivate us to work harder.


T1’s game 1 team composition was a very difficult one to execute. What part of it didn’t work out?


Faker: I think we lost game 1 because we messed up a lot in skirmishes and teamfights. Our team comp wasn’t perfect, but I feel the mistakes we made in fights was the bigger reason.


Gumayusi: I feel that the game was winnable, but we definitely made a lot of mistakes in teamfights. In terms of our team comp, we weren’t a full poke comp, nor were we an engage comp. The obscurity of our team comp was a bit of a letdown.


[To Gumayusi] T1’s bot lane continues to showcase new champions in the bot lane. How do you and Keria discuss champion viability?


When Keria and I discuss champion pool, we always say that there shouldn’t be a champion that we can’t use. We’re the type to practice and prepare everything. 

[To Gumayusi] What are your thoughts on Ekko Support, a pick which Keria stated that he may play in a match?


If there’s ever an angle to play Ekko as support, I’m confident that I’ll play with him well. I trust Keria. I hope I also get to play new champions as well.


[To Faker] It seems that other pros are also practicing mid Kai’Sa, but they don’t necessarily have great win rates. What are your thoughts on mid Kai’Sa?


I think Kai’Sa’s a very fun champion to play. I have a lot of fun playing her, and I think other pros also play her because they also realize that she’s fun to play.


Are there any new picks that you’re preparing after the 12.5 patch changes?


Faker: Ahri recently did get nerfed, and I see other players preparing different picks. In that fashion, I’m also prepared to play new things, given the situation.


Gumayusi: Most of the marksman champions are being balanced through nerfs, but Samira’s continuing to receive buffs, so she seems viable in certain scenarios. Other champions look useful as well.


With MSI around the corner, how do you compare the level of the LCK to that of the other regions?


Faker: I think that other regions are just as good as the LCK, but then again, I haven’t watched enough of their matches to really know.


Gumayusi: As a league, it's a different story, but MSI is a tournament of all the 1st place teams from respective regions. We’re in first place, we’re playing incredibly well, and I think the LCK is the strongest, so I’m very confident that we’re the strongest team. However, it’s all just words right now, so we need to continue to prove ourselves throughout the year, in Spring, MSI, Summer and Worlds.

Do you also agree with his statement, Faker?


Right now, I believe that we’re very strong.


Lastly, which team do you think you’ll meet in the playoffs?


Faker: I think we’ll probably end up facing DRX or DWG KIA.


Gumayusi: I think so as well. Although I’d love to punish DWG KIA ourselves, Gen.G has a better record against them, so I think Gen.G will be better opponents for DWG KIA.

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