15-year-old streamer's self-financed PC destroyed by her father

Source: Narwhal

As first spotted by Michael Gwilliam of Dexerto, 15-year-old VALORANT streamer Narwhal FPS lost access to her PC over the weekend, after her father threw the PC that she bought with revenue from her YouTube channel into their family pool as punishment for her arguing with her sister. She posted a voice message on Twitter on Saturday, explaining the situation and her fathers fit of rage.


Through tears, the young streamed stated: "Basically, my dad didn't have a good day, and I was having an argument with my sister, and it was about the internet, and he got mad and threw [my computer] in the pool because I wouldn't listen. [...] So I just don't have a PC anymore."



According to the streamer, she used revenue from her YouTube channel with 96,000+ subscribers on it to buy the PC. One of her videos posted about cubing 4 years ago has over 43 million views, with others counting in the millions as well, so the possibility that she made significant revenue from her YouTube channel is high, corroborating her claim that she spent her own money on the computer that her father destroyed.



The comment section underneath her post regarding the PC was filled with people offering their emotional support for her, as well as people offering advice about how she may be able to save the PC if she lets it dry out long enough. Numerous commenters suggested that if Narwhal lets the computer air dry out long enough, without plugging it in, and none of the parts are broken, it could still be salvaged. Others further suggested that using isopropyl alcohol could help prevent the parts from corroding due to the chlorinated water.



Even if it is left to dry, however, the static electricity left-over inside the PC after it was unplugged could mean that multiple internal components are damaged or destroyed. So it is by no means a sure shot that drying out the computer will mean it continues to function.


Regardless of whether the PC can be saved or not, the act of destroying your own child's means of production, primary hobby, and burgeoning career was widely condemned in the comment section as abusive and uncalled for. This goes doubly if her claim that she bought it with her own money proves true.   

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