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SKT T1: “We are looking forward to the MSI and can’t wait to meet our fans in Brazil.”


The reign of SKT T1 shall continue.

On April 22nd (KST), SKT T1 once again won the championship in the League of Legends Championship 2017, marking the team’s 6th victory in the professional League of Legends tournaments.

Let us hear from the pros and coaches at SKT T1 on their thoughts regarding the glorious victory, and their continued journey to another one in the Mid-Season Invitational.




How do you feel about winning the championship?

Faker: It seemed harder to win this season and I’m glad we could end the season with a victory. This season left me with good memories.

Huni: This season marked my debut in the LCK, which is why I’m especially happy with the victory. But I won’t stop trying until we win the World Championship.

Peanut: I wanted show everyone that I can play as well as I always do in the big stages too. I remember how I felt exhausted after the matches last year, so I’ve been working on my physical health too. I was going to tell the coaches I’m not capable enough to play for the team if I don’t do very well this season, but I guess I don’t have to worry anymore. I can’t wait to meet our fans in the MSI.

Wolf: I’m glad I didn’t make any mistakes in the finals. We’ll be heading to Brazil for the MSI soon and I’ve heard we’re getting flight upgrades.

Blank: I’m happy to see our team winning.

Sky: First of all I’m really happy that we won. I’ll try my best so I can play next time.

Profit: This is my first time playing in LCK, and I’ll try my best too to play in the tournament again.

Bang: I wish we can win the championship again in the MSI. I’ll learn as many things as I can in the MSI and show you the best performance in summer.

Coach RapidStar: We only made it to second place last year in China. I’m really glad we won the cup this season.

Coach KkOma: I want to thank our members for playing as well as they always do. I wish we can win again in the MSI, LCK Summer, and the World Championship.

Head Coach cCarter: This is our 6th victory, but we won’t stop here. I’m already waiting for our 7th and 8th victory.

Huni, you have successfully marked your debut in both European and Korean leagues. How do you feel about that?

Huni: It’s unforgettable when I make a debut with a victory. I’ll try my best to keep up the good work.

KT was way ahead in early Game 1, but failed to get the Baron buff. What was going on in your booth at the moment?

Bang: Our Shen’s ult was ready and Lee Sin was trying to steal Baron when KT was going for Baron. We weren’t necessarily way behind.

It seems like winning has become a routine for you guys. Some fans are saying you don’t look that happy for winning.

Faker: I can assure you that’s not true. It’s true we’ve won many games and we are somewhat used to it, but we are always as happy as we can be.

Why did you ban only 4 champions for Game 2? What happened?

KkOma: We were going to ban Elise, but we were too late. It was clearly our mistake, so we decided to roll with it.

There were some unusual picks like Mid Karma and Lulu in Games 2 and 3. Was that a surprise strategy? Would you like to add any comments on that, Faker?

KkOma: It’s one of the strategies we’ve been preparing for. We needed everyone to work together to make that strategy work, so I want to thank everyone for their amazing performances.

Faker: I’m satisfied with my gameplay overall, but I could have played more aggressive to get the snowball go faster.

You will going to Brazil for the MSI 2017.

cCarter: I’ve heard the neighborhood isn’t very safe, but Riot Games will be taking good care of us so I don’t worry about that too much. We will focus on staying in a good condition for the tournament.

Are you planning to use LeBlanc, Urgot, and Nautilus this season in the MSI? Also, which country will be the most challenging one to deal with?

KkOma: I’m glad you asked. Our bot laners are really good with Nautilus and Urgot, so we are always ready to pick them. Also, in my opinion, Chinese teams are the most challenging teams to deal with. But pretty much every teams in the MSI will be hard to win against. Only the best teams make it to the MSI.

Wolf, your fans are sad you didn’t get the attention you deserve today. Would you like to say anything to your fans?

Wolf: I’m always satisfied with my performance if I don’t make any mistakes. Otherwise, I will get in trouble with our coaches. [smiles] It’s okay if I don’t get the attention I deserve, because my fans always cheer me up. I’m really happy with it, so I hope you are not feeling sad anymore.

Sky has joined the team not too long ago. Faker, does that encourage healthy competition? And Sky, what did you learn from the de facto best Mid laner in the world?

Faker: I felt relieved rather than competitive to have Sky in our team. His lively personality always works like a buff for us.

Sky: I’m learning a lot from Faker. He’s also the best shot-caller I’ve ever seen. I’m learning a lot from the other members too.

Did you expect a 3-0 victory today? Also, who is going to be the sixth man for the MSI?

cCarter: I didn’t know we would actually win 3-0, but I was hoping we would, especially because we couldn’t make it to the finals in the summer playoffs last year even though we won the first two games. We haven’t discussed any details on the roster for the MSI yet.

Your team composition had many ad carry champions, which is not very common in the current metagame.

Wolf: My team’s victory is my priority. I’m ready to play any ad carry champions for my team. Besides, ad carry champions are fun to play.

SKT T1 is the only team that has made it to the MSI three times.

cCarter: It will be a great experience for us, and also a chance to aim for a higher place. We will try our best to win the championship again in the MSI.

KkOma, would you like to add any comments on the video about your marriage?

KkOma: At first I seriously wanted to get married, but now I don’t. I’d rather win another championship than get married.

Any last words or comments?

RapidStar: It’s been 4 months since I’ve joined SKT T1 as a coach, and I’m happy I can work with the best team. I’ve learned many things from everyone in the team.

Huni: I’d like to thank our coaches for giving me a chance, even though I didn’t do very well last year. Also, thank you for always taking care of me.

Faker: A special thanks goes to our fans who have been cheering for us. I really appreciate the energy they’ve been giving us. I hope you continue to cheer for us in the MSI, and enjoy the tournament.

Bang: We’ve been working so hard for this victory. It’s been a great honor for me to play against all the wonderful teams in the LCK.

KkOma: It’s been 5 years since I’ve started working with Faker, Bang, and Wolf. I want to thank them for being the best laners, and the best pro gamers I’ve ever met. Also, I want everyone to know that the pros always try their best. They always give their best efforts no matter what.

Peanut: A big thanks to my coaches and teammates. Also a big thanks to Smeb for being such a nice friend. Lastly, I’m looking forward to meeting our fans overseas. We’ll be there soon, so wait for us!


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