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SKT T1 Faker: “Will be preparing for MSI as much as we have done for the finals, hope for support”


The winner for LCK Spring Split Finals was announced- SKT T1 ended up with 6 victories in total when they crushed KT Rolster by 3:0 in LCK Spring Split Finals on April 22nd (KST).

SKT T1 did not fail to amaze us with perfect game plays with zero mistakes in all 3 sets. They successfully grasped the victory with unusual drafts; Faker, the mid laner for SKT, picked Karma and Lulu, support champions, for the 2nd and 3rd set, and Bang chose to play Twitch, a ADC that may be weak to take lead in early lane phase.

As for KT, Kyungho ‘Smeb’ Song and Dongbin ‘Score’ Go showed outstanding performances, but they lost in the end as they failed to overpower their opponents with their comps, which should have taken the lead in early game.

During the interview after the game, Seung Hoon ‘Huni’ Heo commented, “I feel so happy that I came to be the first player to be placed in 1st in his debut for both Korea and Europe.” He also said, “SKT has given me a great opportunity, and has been this new motivation in my gamer life. I’ll try my best to show great game plays at MSI in Brazil.”

He was followed by Junsik ‘Bang’ Bae mentioning his preparation for the finals: “I spent 90% of my training playing Caitlyn and Twitch.” Bang also mentioned, “Understanding that Ashe wasn’t such a great choice in current meta played a big part in this match,” as the key to their victory. He also showed consideration for other teams when he said, “This stage is a truly glorious place, and it would be nice to show support and encouragement for all other 9 LCK teams as well.”

Wangho ‘Peanut’ Han, who showed us exceeding plays with Lee Sin and Graves today commented that, “There are several opportunities to open the door to success in life, and today was the day I opened that door.” Jaewan ‘Wolf’ Lee, who has always been considered as the hidden MVP for his outstanding plays throughout the regular season, picked good team atmosphere as the key to victory by saying, “We were able to make it to the top because our teamwork was great throughout the whole season .”

Faker, who has been playing remarkably with unusual drafts commented that, “Personally, I found this match satisfactory, and I appreciate how our fans came to watch us play.” He also added, “We prepared several strategies, and I’m glad they worked out,” and said, “KT players are great for sure, but I think we had time on our side, and we were able to keep calm more than our opponents could.”He lastly said, “We will be preparing for MSI as much as we have done for the finals, so we hope for your support.”

Byounghoon 'cCarter' Choi, the head coach for SKT, said, “We were nervous since KT Rolster had so many outstanding players on their team and we had several strenuous matches during the regular reason.” He also showed his appreciation for his team members by saying, “ We were able to win because our players did very well, and what we prepared for this match actually worked out fine.”

Coach Minsung ‘Rapid STAR’ Jung humbly commented that, “I think I am a lucky person since I am not good enough for this team yet .” and showed us glimpse of his determination for the future by adding, “From now on, I’ll try much harder so that I can be more help to our team.”

Coach Jeonggyun ‘kkOma’ Kim commented, “While we were training, we came to the conclusion that the ‘shield meta’ we showed in today’s match had many potentials so that’s why we’ve used it. In fact, we had a couple more compositions we came up with, but I’m sorry that we didn’t get to show them to the crowd.” After that, he added, “There could be a day we can’t win, but we will always try our best to win. Your support gives us strength and courage to go on.”

On the other hand, the awards ceremony for SKT who was placed 1st, and KT the 2nd, was held, and Wangho ‘Peanut’ Han, who has outperformed in today’s match, was picked as Post Season’s MVP. The results for LCK Spring Split are as stated below:

■ 2017 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Spring Split Results

1st - SKT T1
2nd - KT Rolster
3rd - Samsung Galaxy
4th - MVP
5th - Afreeca Freecs

PS MVP - Wangho ‘Peanut’ Han


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